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5 Cheap Ways to Attract Customers to a Retail Store

retail store

Attracting customers has always been the primary aim of all businesses. Every single company and store wants to draw both old and new customers in order to generate more sales and profit. Whether you have a physical retail store or an online store, there are many cheap ways on how you can get customers to visit your often. Hold promotional events. Having promos and sales is a surefire way to attract customers. Everybody wants to save a couple of bucks on purchases. Hold events that will invite your customers to visit your store. You can invite local celebrities to your ...

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Your Ultimate Guide to Blogging Part 2


In the previous article, we discussed some tips to help you decide what particular niches you can focus on when you start blogging. Now, we’re giving tips on how to set up your blog and make sure you’ll attract your intended market. Should I blog about my passion and interest, or something that’s profitable? Don’t be abashed if you’re not chasing after passion and hounding after profit instead. Some people choose to blog to relay all their interest and hobbies; others utilize it as a way to make some extra cash. Whatever the reason is, the best way would be ...

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Your Ultimate Guide to Blogging Part 1


Blogging has become a universal tool for sharing tidbits of your life and experiences with other people from around the globe. With a simple click of the mouse, you can start the creation of your very own online diary – also known as a blog. There are generally nine reasons why people start blogging.   To publicize their opinions/thoughts To promote a product or service To generate profit from advertising items/services To help others who might be experiencing a similar situation To connect with like-minded individuals online To remain at the top of the issue at hand To convince others ...

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How to Stay Motivated When Running a Small Business

small business

Running a small business can be compared to being in love or being married for the first time—it’s exciting at first. But when problems start to crop up (i.e., slow sales), the excitement wears off. If you don’t find a way of addressing these problems, you’ll soon lose energy and motivation. You might even give up on your small business entirely. Staying motivated takes more than reading self-help books or motivational aids. The key is to have an overall strategic plan for both your personal life and your business, with “built-in” features designed to not only grow your business, but ...

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Attract Your Market With Colors

attract your market

Everywhere you look — from the clothes you are wearing, to the furnishing of your home, and to the expansive panorama of nature — you see colors in varied shades, hues and tints. Colors affect our emotions and even have subliminal effects on us. It influences us in many ways. If you ever notice TV, online or print ads put into careful consideration which colors to use to convey their products’ message. Colors do contribute a lot to attract your market and ultimately, sell the products. You have to be precise with your selection of colors in creating and marketing ...

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How to Generate More Sales for Your Homemade Products

generate more sales

Marketing involves implementing a barrage of strategies to get the most number of the “right” people to buy your products, at the right locations, and at reasonable prices that satisfy both their budgets and your need for profits. But many home-based entrepreneurs are so into labor-intensive home production work, they forget emphasizing other areas of the business such as the key objective which is to generate more sales. If you’re one of them, here’s a step-by-step guide and tips to generate more sales for your homemade products. Step 1. Identify your potential customers. Who will most likely buy your goods? ...

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Starting Your Own Business? Learn How To Create A Business Plan

business plan

When that entrepreneurial spirit kicks in and you finally decide to try and get your feet wet, the next crucial step you should take is to create your business plan. It is in the business plan where you write in detail WHAT you plan to do and HOW you plan to do it. It must contain the business model, marketing strategies, organizational structure and potential threats and problems that your business may encounter. In this post, we’ll walk you through the essential things your business plan must have. Business Model The business model essentially details how your business will generate ...

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How These 10 Big Companies Started Out

10 big companies

Sometimes, things don’t turn out the way you want them to. And these 10 big companies are a testament to that for they turned out way differently than they started. Hasbro Formerly known as Hassenfeld Brothers (Ahhh, now we get it), Hasbro is a multinational toy and board company, which made its first big hit when it launched Mr. Potato Head in 1952. But who would have guessed that they started out selling pencil cases and school supplies. Great how they decided to ditch the boring stuff and create fun toys instead! Nokia We salute these cellphone Gods who seem ...

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