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Low-Cost Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses

advertising ideas

Advertising is a widely used strategy to draw customers. Print, broadcast, and Internet advertising are very effective as these provide widespread dissemination of information. However, a typical advertisement can be expensive and impractical for most small businesses. Even with our modern technology, it can be challenging to find low-cost advertising ideas for small businesses. Small or struggling businesses need to come up with innovative and low-cost techniques. Investing too much on newspapers, magazines, television, radio and online advertisements will definitely hurt the business. Choosing to use other in-print means like direct mail, leaflets, and promotional merchandise are also costly. Environment-conscious ...

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Starting Your Own Business? Try These Green Business Ideas

green business ideas

Starting Your Own Business? Try These Green Business Ideas As climate changes in our modern times, more and more people are getting environment-conscious, changing their damaging daily practices to environment-friendly habits. Thus, businesses too, have adopted an industry that would be more beneficial to Mother Earth. If you are having mixed thoughts on venturing to a small business, you might want to consider green business ideas. Not only that you are in a relatively growing business, but you are, as a matter of fact, giving a valuable contribution to save our planet. There are a lot of green business ideas ...

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4 Ideas for a Personal Internet Business

personal interest business

If you’re a busy stay-at-home parent in need of extra cash, or just looking to augment your current income, tap into the Internet. The Internet offers ways for you to earn extra money just by sitting at your desk at home. All it takes is a computer, a reliable Internet connection, plus a little patience—and you can begin earning through any of these four Internet business ideas. Business Idea #1. Print Layout Design Services pinterest This is also known as “desktop publishing.” These days, every poster, magazine, book, product label, print ad, banner, or other print materials we take for ...

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America’s Top 5 Biggest Bankruptcies Worth Noting

biggest bankruptcies

What companies made it to the Top 5 biggest bankruptcies in America? With a variety of causes, bankruptcies became possible. Even though some companies bounced back, some of them apparently did not. America’s Biggest Bankruptcy #5 – CIT Group According to Wall Street Journal, CIT Group takes the 5th spot. After months of dealing with creditors, CIT ended up filing for Chapter 11 protection in 2009. Bondholders accepted CIT’s reorganization plan but rejected their debt swap proposals. With a value of $80.4 billion, bankruptcy became inevitable. America’s Biggest Bankruptcy #4 – General Motors General Motors takes the 4th spot. This ...

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What You Need to Be in the Investment Industry

investment industry

You have heard the phenomenal success of corporate people in the investment banking industry. And, you are keen on knowing what would it take to help bring you attain that stature as well. First of all, it’s a must that you get well educated to meet the high demands and strict requirements of the investment banking profession. After pursuing an investment banker degree, you would eventually have enough training to take whichever role or position you might be occupied with, ranging from positions concerning income generation, risk management, operational and technical management. The key thing that motivates anyone to take ...

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10 Youngest Billionaires in the World

youngest billionaires

Being young is awesome, but being a billionaire at a young age is incredible! As of 2014, the world consists of 1,645 billionaires. How about knowing some of the renowned youngest billionaires and know where they come from? These are some of the billionaires listed on Forbes’ youngest billionaires, under 40, in the world. At 24, Evan Spiegel has a net-worth of $1.5 billion by being one of the co-founders of the mobile application, SnapChat – an application with over 100 Million users monthly. Another SnapChat co-founder, Bobby Murphy also have the same net worth of $1.5 billion who is ...

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Amazing Business Ideas for Kids

business ideas for kids

Teach your kids the value of working hard to earn money by encouraging them to start with small business ideas for kids. As they earn money performing certain tasks, they will develop independence, enhance their confidence, and sharpen their problem-solving skills. Here are some awesome business ideas for kids. Pet Sitting Some neighbors may go on vacation. Have your kids take on the tasks to walk the dog, feed the cat, etc. Your kids will enjoy doing so as caring for pets can be a fulfilling chore. Cleaning Lawns Running outdoor services is one of the best business ideas for ...

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Work from Home Tips and Tricks

work from home

For so long, “work” has been socially viewed as doing things inside the office, requiring 8-12, sometimes up to 16 stressful hours per day, and bosses who are very difficult to deal with. But as generations passed, modern times have taught people to look at jobs as gender-equal, focusing on skill-based hiring and allowing everybody to showcase their knowledge and skills at work. Many occupations are already in boom, just like working from home. Working at the comfort of your own home gives you a lot more motivation to earn. But not everyone lasts in this business. So to help ...

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An Insight into Marketing Audit

marketing audit

Marketing audit is an approach by which the preparation, implementation, prospects and status of the marketing plans of an organization are appraised. If an audit is improperly conducted, then it can be very time-consuming and may harm the long-term prospects of the company. It can become a traumatic process if not done carefully. This effect will spread throughout the organization as well as its various distribution channels. A carefully conducted marketing audit can discover certain failings that have been simply hidden or forgotten. Personnel from all levels of the organization are involved in this type of audit. The process is ...

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A Marketing Degree – The Key to Success

marketing degree

A marketing degree is one of the most valuable assets that a job seeker can possess. No business can possibly survive without customers and people involved with marketing understand this better than anyone else. Marketing offers a wide variety of career choices in many different fields including communications, advertising, public relations and more. Different employment paths may involve logo design, flyer creation, writing commercial jingles, designing logos or even the proper placement of products in a retail environment. Businesses depend on highly qualified people to attract new customers and clients, the very heart of any successful enterprise. Although advertising is ...

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