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America’s Best Girlfriend Getaways


Just imagining spending a weekend with your girlfriends makes you not want to think where to go but to just pack the bags and go! No work, no boss, no kids, no calls, just some “me” time with the girlfriends. A real break it could indeed be. But there’s no getting away from planning the get-away. So where to? Knowing why you want to get away will help answer this question. Simply to get away, but more to get something out of it. Don’t we all deserve some time off? Let’s get down to the reasons why you would want ...

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White Water Rafting Monsters!

white water rafting

There is nothing like a badass adventure to feed off the daredevil in you. And nothing says badass more than a massive white water rafting adventure! Can I get a whut whut? No seriously, going white water rafting is a dangerous sport but it’s also exhilarating, exciting and rewarding. (If you survive, that is. We kid.) This mixture of fun and danger are being experienced by over 35 million Americans every year and if you haven’t joined the bandwagon already, it is a pretty good reason to let you practice your kayaking and swimming skills. The honest truth of the ...

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Top Flea Markets in the World

Flea Markets

Who does not love a good bargain? In this article, we brief you through some of the most famous and unique flea markets that can mix travel, shopping, and enjoyment as you roam around looking for great deals and cheap stuff. Le Marché aux Puces Sant-Ouen de Clignancourt (Paris, France) Paris is indeed a city of love, but undoubtedly it is not just about that. It is also considered as one of the fashion capitals in the world and is a frequent place for designers and fashion enthusiasts. The Le Marché aux Puces Sant-Ouen de Clignancourt is a flea market ...

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10 Best Toy Stores in the World

toy stores

Oh, how sweet it would be to be a kid the second time around. Check out this short list of some of the most famous and enjoyable toy stores in the world and do not be afraid to bring out that child in you. Lego Store (Worldwide) The Lego Store already has over fifty stores all over the globe, each one offering its unique experience to kids and adults alike. The place, of course, is filled with the famous Danish play blocks perfect for anyone who just wants to feel creative and like a kid again. Out of all the ...

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Crazy Travel Destination: A Remote Piece of Heaven

travel destination

Hello to all you wanderlust travellers! Looking for a great new travel destination? Can’t decide where next to go? Backpacking has now been made easy with low-budget airlines—you can go absolutely anywhere conveniently and comfortably. (Can you imagine travelling thousands of miles away by boat? Ugh!) Well, speaking of, you can’t always travel to your desired destinations by plane. Sometimes, some places require you to go on a grand, crazy and balls-y journey before they let you cross the finish line and into their beautiful haven. We’ve scraped up three of the most jaw dropping places that will require you ...

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Los Angeles’ Best Spots to Dine with the Stars

los angeles best spots

A trip to Los Angeles is not really complete until you spot a celebrity. It doesn’t have to be inside the set where they are filming the next hottest movie of the year, but even just by dining out downtown. With thousands of trendy and upbeat restaurants surrounding the city, how do you know where you could get the highest probability of meeting a celebrity? To help you narrow down the list, here are ten L.A. restaurants where you are most likely to dine with a star. Chateau Marmont Located in West Hollywood, California, Chateau Marmont takes its guests back ...

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10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

most beautiful beaches

Finding the perfect sunbathing spot during your travels can be cumbersome. Whether you decide to go flagrante delicto or not, only three things matter: the sun, a tan and the beach. We present to you some of the most beautiful beaches around the globe that has continuously attracted droves of tourists. 1. La Minitas Beach, Dominican Republic With a panoramic view of the ocean lapping against the seashore, the La Minitas Beach in the Dominican Republic provides a secluded spot for you to sunbathe in private. 2. Boracay, Philippines Pristine, snow white beaches can only be found on White Beach ...

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10 Free Things to Do In India

things to do in india

India has a cornucopia of travel destinations and activities. Each city has its own form of amusement to offer that will only be unique to that place. It would be exciting to know that most of India can be enjoyed for free when you know where to go and what to do. Here’s the top ten wallet-friendly list of things to do in India. 1. Festivals There are no shortage of festivals in India. The celebrations are not enjoyed in closed spaces or private gatherings but in public. This gives tourists a perfect opportunity to experience the marvelous and colorful ...

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The Best Hotels in Shanghai

best hotels in Shanghai

Tourists in Shanghai face the daunting task of finding a decent hotel. In a city filled with thousands of accommodations, here is a laundry list of the best hotels in Shanghai for anyone looking to be treated like royalty. The Mansion Hotel The Mansion Hotel lives up to its name. Combining historic charm with modern chic, the hotel was originally the residence of a notorious Chinese gangster, Sun Tingsun. It was the locale for shady business dealings and glamorous parties alike. The lobby is filled with intriguing antiques and the rooms include a private jacuzzi, big-screen TV, and free wi-fi. ...

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