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There Can Be Only Three: The Laws of Attraction

laws of attraction

I’m not talking of a threesome. I’m talking about the three simple laws of attraction that govern how a man can attract women. (And everything else they teach you is crap.) Law of Attraction #1. Be a funny self-promoter / self-deprecator. You need to find ways of showing or “advertising” your character, or how original your thoughts and actions are, without coming across as a self-promoting jerk that everyone (males and females alike) hates. Self-deprecating wit: One way of advertising yourself without going overboard is to make fun of yourself. Your funniest jokes should be about how silly you are, ...

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Top 5 Shopping Destinations of Cheating Wives

shopping destinations

Let’s now find out. As you read on, you may be surprised as you discover that their favorite shopping stores may be your favorite, too. A dating and affair website,, revealed the top 5 shopping destinations of cheating wives through a survey. So what does the list include then? Shopping Destination #5 – H&M H&M takes the 5th spot. It offers fast-fashion clothing for all ages and genders. With H&M’s attention-grabbing designs for ladies, it makes them feel young and sexy, making men more attracted to these cheating ladies. Shopping Destination #4 – Ann Taylor Ann Taylor takes the ...

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What Rights Does a Man Have to the House During a Divorce?


Quite often, a divorced man doesn’t just lose his marriage, he loses his home as well. State laws vary and each divorce case is unique in the eyes of the court. The circumstances surrounding the divorce play a part in deciding what is done with the assets of the marriage. Even if the man loses the right to live in the home, he may still be entitled to a part of the equity including properties that were purchased by his wife before the marriage. Here are the frequently asked questions when man and wife decide to go their separate ways ...

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10 Signs You’re in Love


According to the dictionary, the word Love means – “A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person; a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend; a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.” Did you get any of that? Or you’re probably still thinking, “Am I? Or am I not?” How about a breakdown of questions to set foot for an answer? 1. Are you still thinking about your Ex? After break-ups, one of the most common scenarios are of a person thinking about his/her previous lover, and if you’re ...

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Create Your Own Beach Themed Wedding

beach themed wedding

The beach. Oh, just imagine spending the day walking along the shores and enjoying the sand and sea. And how charming, elaborate and romantic it would be to have a beach themed wedding. It’s a dream come true for most couples who are open to the idea of holding a non-traditional wedding – that is, holding it in a church. A beach themed wedding sets a different kind of mood for the whole ceremony. From the wedding rites to the reception or even an indoor wedding with a beach theme, every detail would need to be taken into consideration to ...

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