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The New Generation of Dating

The New Generation of Dating

In today’s generation, dating is essential in finding your special someone and eventually, “the one”. Through the help of dating, you will get to know each other’s personality and interests. Many people enjoy dating rather than walking in a mall alone. However, many people are still shy to approach someone they like. If you are really determined to find your special someone, then you must leave your fears behind and keep going. If you are one of those shy type persons, then this new method of dating could be of great help to you in reaching your goal of having ...

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Breaking the News to Your Children about Getting a Divorce


Children are one of the primary concerns that surface in your mind when you and your spouse decide to separate. The process of going through a divorce becomes an even more complicated situation when there are children involved, and your responsibilities towards them will obligate you to make them understand the situation perfectly. Furthermore, you must be prepared to give them reasons why it is the only solution given the circumstances. It is often recommended that you break this news to your children with your spouse present. No matter what feuds, hostility and bitterness there is among the two of ...

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The Right Wedding Invitation for You

the right wedding invitation for you

For those who are about to say their “I do’s”, it may come as a surprise that there is much more planning and preparation to do than what they expected after getting engaged. Many big decisions must be made and attention to detail becomes crucial. One of the important decisions the couple needs to face is choosing the look of the wedding invitations they’ll be giving out to the people with whom they want to share their special day. Basically, there are two kinds out there – modern and traditional wedding invitations. They differ in terms of colors, fonts, formats, ...

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Making a Formal Wedding Invitation

making a formal wedding invitation

Wedding invitations are one of the primary things that need to be taken care of when planning a wedding. There are many types of weddings, from clichéd conventional ones to modern day themed events, and all of them require a unique set of wedding invitation designs. When it comes to formal wedding invitations, there is a certain number of etiquettes to be followed. There are already many traditional designs available for use, although a recent trend of showing some creative effort in invitations have been seen everywhere. Nevertheless there are certain components that are a staple of all formal wedding ...

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Understanding Your Roles to Help Keep the Marriage Alive

understanding your roles to help keep the marriage alive

Marriage. So profound. Technically, it is the legal process that binds two people who love and are committed to each other, and make their relationship permanent and official. It is not only a piece of agreement, it has a lot more to that. However, what’s supposed to be a lasting marriage sometimes ends in separation. You have heard several headliners where couples who have been married for so long finally call it quits. What happened to the “…till death do us part?” thing? Remember, there is no perfect marriage. Divorce is never an easy thing to go through. Therefore, both ...

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7 Ways to Improve Your Marriage Through the Power of Perception

7 ways to improve your marriage through the power of perception

Marriages were never meant to be a jaunt in the park. Although there are many common and misleading myths shrouding the topic of marriage, the most instrumental aspect that makes or breaks a union between husband and wife is their perception itself. You can alter your perception to live a more comfortable and satisfying marriage, only if you are willing to change yourself. Therefore, here are seven quick ways to improve your marriage by changing your outlook:1. Being and Keeping Positive Marriage can fling fast and hard curveballs that can’t always be dodged. The important thing to realize is that ...

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Saving Your Marriage

saving your marriage

Marriage is not always about enjoyment. Do not be fooled by the storylines you see in many romantic movies. Young people get the wrong notion that being head over heels with someone is a valid reason to have that “happily ever after.” Fairy tales are just stories for bedtime, so better wake up in reality. It takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice to make a marriage work. More often than not, many people mistakenly associate attraction and chemistry with love. They forget the need to have the right mindset to make their marriage endure this ever-changing world. To ...

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5 Common and Misleading Marriage Myths

marriage myths

Contrary to popular belief, marriage is neither a cakewalk nor a bed of roses. What most people forget is that it takes two to tango in a marriage. And if one partner behaves erratically or becomes dysfunctional, then the entire happily-ever-after delusion comes collapsing into shambles. So what is the secret behind a successful marriage? What exactly is it that helps keep a marriage thriving and kicking? And most importantly – what are the common and misleading marriage myths?   Well, there are several things that certainly keep a marriage alive, and believing in these myths won’t necessarily get you ...

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Is Love Enough Reason to Say “I Do”?

is love enough reason

No matter how modern our world is today and what used to be the norms of the yesteryears have changed, still, marriage is one of the most talked about subjects. The “mystery” behind it continues to lurk in the fibers of our society. The typical question we often hear: “Why do people get married?” Perhaps the quick answer to that is this adage: “No man is an island.” In other words, people yearn for companionship. Huh? Yes, you are probably baffled even more. Couples decide to tie the knot because of the commitment, respect, and permanence marriage can offer. Who ...

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