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Hobbies and Recreation

Awesome Sweet 16 Party Ideas

sweet 16 party ideas

Every young girl anticipates her own sweet 16 celebration whenever she attends a friend’s sweet 16 birthday party. She sees turning 16 as another important milestone in her life. The “coming out” to adulthood. All sorts of party gimmicks reel in her mind, excited to plan out her sweet 16 party ideas. As a parent, you want to have your share in preparing this much awaited event of your daughter to make it momentous. She’ll appreciate the bonding time you’ll have together. Where to begin? Start with your teen’s favorites for her sweet 16 party ideas. If she’s wishing for ...

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Amazing Business Ideas for Kids

business ideas for kids

Teach your kids the value of working hard to earn money by encouraging them to start with small business ideas for kids. As they earn money performing certain tasks, they will develop independence, enhance their confidence, and sharpen their problem-solving skills. Here are some awesome business ideas for kids. Pet Sitting Some neighbors may go on vacation. Have your kids take on the tasks to walk the dog, feed the cat, etc. Your kids will enjoy doing so as caring for pets can be a fulfilling chore. Cleaning Lawns Running outdoor services is one of the best business ideas for ...

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Be Green by Riding Green

hybrid car

Pollution is one of the major contributing factors to global warming. Pollution may come from the gasses released by factories and vehicles. With the increasing awareness of people regarding the direct effect of pollution to this environmental phenomenon, several environmental advocacies are created to reduce carbon footprint. There are ways to reduce carbon footprint, such as usage of hybrid cars, reducing speed, keeping the trunk clear of excess baggage, and having a good set of tires Drive a Hybrid Car Hybrid cars are promising as it uses electricity or hydrogen instead of fuel. It is considered to be environment-friendly as ...

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How to Make Your Own Message in a Bottle Invitations

message in a bottle invitation

Sealing a “to whom it may concern” message inside a glass bottle—and casting it out in the ocean for the waves to carry to some caring stranger on a distant shore—is an old-fashioned but romantic concept. If you’re about to have a wedding or Valentine’s Day party, why not send out message in a bottle invitations to your guests? Each bottled invite can even look like it was retrieved from the sea! Step 1. Prepare old fashioned glass bottles. You can buy small glass bottles at any junkyard, flea market, interior furnishings-store, or gift shop. But for classy, authentic-looking message ...

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Learning to Cook is Learning to Care

learn to cook

Everyone loves to eat so shouldn’t everyone be able to cook as well? The importance of learning to cook is very much underrated. Most of the time, we don’t give a second thought as to how our meal was prepared or who prepared it for us as long as we enjoy eating it. Most people realize the importance of learning to cook as early as during their childhood. This is especially applicable to large families, with busy kitchens all throughout the day. Having lots of mouths to feed, these large families spend most of the day preparing a meal or ...

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Top 5 Coolest Animals for Pets

coolest animals for pets

Sure, everybody has a cat or a dog. But which animals really are the best to have as a pet? There are a lot to choose from but here is a list of the top 5 coolest animals for pets that might just surprise you. Check it out and decide for yourself! #5 – FROGS This fun pet can live from 4 – 15 years. Different frogs have different needs so be sure that its enclosed aquarium is set at the proper humidity and temperature and provides the necessary amount of light for your new green friend. Due to a ...

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