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Hobbies and Recreation

Picture Taking During The Fall

picture taking during the fall

Fall is known to be the season of different colors. Although it usually seems to end in just a flash, it is still one of the most awaited beautiful times of the year. Going outdoors and taking pictures with friends and family is a very good idea. You can conceptualize different fall family picture ideas where you can use your own digital camera. If you don’t have one, disposable cameras are available now in the market, making it a lot more possible for you to put these fall family picture ideas into action. Here are some of the creative fall ...

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Making Christmas Cards Using Family Photos

making christmas cards using family photos

Christmas has always been the best time of the year for most people. It is a time of joy, peace, unity and most evident of them all, the time of giving. We are all fond of giving gifts to our family, friends and loved ones. It seems like Christmas will never be the same without this prominent spirit of sharing. Many prefer to buy gift items from the malls and gift shops. Others want to be creative and more hand-on by making personalized gift item such as cards together with some Christmas family photo ideas. Before doing some personalized items, ...

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The Art of Art Collages

the art of art collages

The best thing about making art collages is that it is flexible. It can be done on any surface and all sorts of materials may be used. It is suitable for beginning and veteran artists who just want to express themselves through their art. Here are some of the basics when it comes to making art collages. The first thing that you should determine when making a collage is the material which you will be using. The most common is paper but there are different kinds of paper – some are ordinary sheets of paper while some are handcrafted and ...

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Using Metal Letters

using metal letters

One of the greatest silent sales tool that has quickly gained popularity around the globe, metal letters have inadvertently become part of our daily lives – whether we realize it or not. Generally forged from the blazing fires that mould stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze and aluminium into desired shapes or symbols, these letters have swiftly become an unspoken medium for relaying messages or addresses that have made it the ideal marketing tool. Not only do metal letters come in myriads of intricate designs that boast excellent craftsmanship, but they are also tough and weather resistant, making them perfect for ...

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Getting Car Parts from a Junkyard

getting car parts from a junkyard

Maintenance of cars can be difficult, especially if you’re still keeping old and vintage vehicles in your garage. There are a few car parts that can be a bit difficult to find. If finding rare car parts is your dilemma, then head on to a junkyard or a wrecking yard near you. When an old car is sold to the wrecking yard, the parts are then checked and separated if they’re useful or not. They also follow the rules and standards in the state or government when it comes to keeping used car parts. They ensure that these still pass ...

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Telling Your Stories With Videos

telling your stories with videos

Videos of compiled footage, photos, or even a simple slideshow during a celebration like anniversary parties, weddings, or birthdays are a great way to share memories of loved ones and families through the years. There are studios and production companies who offer their video editing services for a fixed price but luckily, most computers have programs installed which enable users to create their very own video collages. These editing programs help users create personal videos where they can use video and audio files, as well as other forms of media like photos, illustrations, or text. It is easy to make ...

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Making Musical Collages

making musical collages

A musical montage or more commonly known as music collage is a compilation of songs or sound clips that fit in a single track. All there is to making a music collage is a sound or audio editor and a series of songs, audio clips, and sound effects. The tricky part is making sure that copyrighted songs are not used in the music collage. It is best to use your own audio files and clips of your songs or anything you have recorded with your friends and whoever will be included in the collage. Instructions for making a music collage:Listen ...

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Get Creative With Fashion Collages

get creative with fashion collages

Oh yes, we’ve done collages as given by our dear teachers as a project way back in grade school. Our parents had even helped us with it. So who says that collages are only some grade school kid’s stuff? Creativity knows no age nor limitations. If you are feeling bored to tears, as if you have nothing interesting to do on your free time, why not plunge into creating fashion collages as an enjoyable personal project. Your finished art piece can brighten up your room with a fashionable touch. Are you thinking of pursuing a career in the fashion industry? ...

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