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Foods that Enhance Weight Loss

weight loss

In order to drop those unwanted pounds, you need to eat fewer calories than what you burn. What you eat can have an impact on your weight loss efforts. There are foods that can help you reduce body weight because they help curb your cravings, and make you feel full longer. Below are some of them: Brown Rice Brown rice is a low-energy-density food which means it is heavy and filling but low in calories. A serving of a half-cup has 1.7 grams of Resistant Starch which is a healthy carb that burns fat, boosts metabolism, and therefore contributes to ...

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World’s Best Street Foods

best street foods

They say that in order to experience a place, you need to try their delicacy as well. When we say local food, it doesn’t mean trying out the fanciest restaurant you found in town but rather, it’s what you find in the street. The world is filled with exquisite and yet yummy dishes that keep tourists craving for more! And here are some of them. HALO-HALO (PHILIPPINES) Every summer, almost every street in the country is filled with little stores that sells ‘halo-halo’. It is a delicious dessert filled with many ingredients varying from fruits, beans and jelly mixed in ...

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Cooking for Two? Make It a Foodie Event

cooking for two

If you and your loved one are gourmet addicts, you might want to try your hand at cooking for two. And if you two are pretty good at it, you can eventually turn it into an income-generating venture. But first, here’s why cooking for two would be an ideal shared activity for you and your partner. Quality Together-Time You need to eat. And to eat, of course, you need to cook. Between that and other mundane but necessary daily activities of life, you and your loved one will find it a time-consuming, expensive struggle to make memorable romantic “downtimes” or ...

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