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High Calorie Drinks – A Factor Behind Obesity

high calorie drinks

Some drinks have very high calorie content. We don’t even take them seriously as they are in the liquid form. Super-sized beverages and juices that contain fructose syrup contribute a lot to our obesity problem. The adults have beer bellies while the kids get big gulp guts. Some of the cities have even banned the sales of soda in and near schools. But the grown-ups can freely roam about anywhere in the world consuming high calorie drinks that will add extra calories to their body. It has been found that a significant percentage of calories that comes into our diet ...

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Is Black Coffee Good for You?

is black coffee good for you?

Is black coffee good for you? Black coffee may be good for health, but only when taken in moderation. Studies show that coffee does not only help us keep awake and alert, it also has preventative effects against hypertension, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and liver diseases. Of course, too much of anything is bad, and that includes black coffee. An average of eight ounces of coffee is okay, but anything more than eight ounces is already excessive. Black Coffee & Hypertension Caffeine has diuretic properties that help improve one’s blood pressure. This is good news especially for those who have hypertension ...

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16 Most Craze Cupcakes

craze cupcakes

Cupcakes evolved during the 19th century in the United States.  A recipe notation of “a cake to be baked in small cups” was written in American Cookery by Amelia Simmons in 1976, it was the first mention of cupcakes. Nowadays cupcakes have become a trend. It expanded to a wide variety of ingredients, measurements, shapes, fancy flavors and creative decorations. They are so much fun to make. Here are 16 of the most craze cupcakes in the world.   PANCAKE CUPCAKES   pinterest TUTTI FRUITY CUPCAKE   BURGER CUPCAKES   CORN CUPCAKES   pinterest CHICKEN CUPCAKES   fanpop DONUT CUPCAKES FRENCH FRIES CUPCAKES   ...

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking Soda: Can You Do It?

stop drinking soda

What are the top 5 reasons why you should stop drinking soda? There sure are a lot of them but the most common effect of soda is in your health. Read on and find out in detail. Reason #5: Soda is an Artificial Stimulant. Soda contains caffeine and high sugar levels which serve as stimulants affecting your brain function. This alters your control of thoughts and behavior. It is possible that focusing your attention to one thing and making decisive choices become difficult as you drink soda. Reason #4: Soda damages the teeth. Do you want your teeth to be ...

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Are nuts good for you?

are nuts good for you

When we hear about nuts, we immediately think about the pimples we would be getting or how fatty they are. But have we you tried reading and researching about its benefits for our body? So let’s try to answer this question: Are nuts good for you? Nuts have been found to actually reduce the risk of heart attack. Studies have shown that even if you’re smoking, nuts would still aid in lowering levels of heart attack. And for those thinking that it adds weight, when paired with a healthy diet, nuts can help you keep a healthy and normal weight. ...

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15 Tiniest Foods


These are 15 of the tiniest most adorable miniature foods. How cute are they? 1.TEMPURA telegraph             2.BURGER & FRIES pinterest 3.WATERMELON pinterest 4.GRILLED MEATS eatburprepeat 5.MACAROONS pinterest 6.CAKE youtube 7.SUSHI huntr 8. HAM modernmet 9.PANCAKES & EGGS taringa 10.SALAD imgur 11.BREAD tinier 12.PIZZA funmag 13. GINGERBREAD imgur 14. COOKIES pinterest 15. MOTSUNABE youtube  

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Experience the world’s Top 5 Most Expensive Coffee

most expensive coffee

Would you like to taste the Top 5 most expensive coffee in the world? With its whopping high prices, I bet these coffees are truly of high quality and taste the best. Most Expensive Coffee #5 – Fazenda Santa Ines Coffee Fazenda Santa Ines farm produces the coffee which made it to the 5th spot. With around $50 per pound, Fazenda Santa Ines coffee offers a sweet berry and caramel taste arising from the natural process it undergoes. It is traditionally grown and cultivated in fertile soil. Most Expensive Coffee #4 – Molokai Coffee Molokai coffee from Hawaii takes the ...

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Mojito Nights

mojito nights

When you’re out for a feel good night—to relax and unwind after a day’s work; or just to simply take in a slug of something delightful, then visit your favorite bar or restaurant that serves the all time favorite mojito. It’s definitely going to be a “drink escape” worth taking. Mojito traces its roots to Cuba, particularly during a time when most rums were scarcely potable—fierce, heavy and unpleasant to go with whatever grub was on the table. If you were a Cuban farmer with a bottle of cheap rum during those days, you would have engaged in different methods ...

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Life of a Vegetarian: Eat Green, Live Green

life of a vegetarian

Heard the adage “Green is a way of life”? The concept of green living supports this as it involves consuming huge amounts of fiber coming from fruits and vegetables. Although food consumption is one of the major areas of green living, the lifestyle also involves environment-friendly practices in other forms. One of the major factors that strongly correlate fruits and vegetables to green living is that it promotes wellness and sustainability. Its nutritional content is said to positively contribute to one’s health. Interestingly, people who are actively promoting sustainability have changed their eating patterns wherein consumption of meat has been ...

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