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Quick Guide to Reading Nutrition Facts Labels

quick guide to reading nutrition facts labels

Food labeling is an important requirement for most prepared foods. For fruits, vegetables, fish and other raw produce, food labeling is voluntary. Nevertheless, it is important to know how to read and interpret such labels. Nutrition facts labels are usually found at the back of the food and it is there for a reason. Here is now a quick guide to reading nutrition facts labels you can use. The most common format of a nutrition facts label has different sections. The top section contains the serving size and the number of servings per container. It is not then enough to ...

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Sushi Etiquette you Need to Know

sushi etiquette you need to know

Eating sushi can be a delightful and a learning experience. With every bite of nigiri or sashimi, you get to grasp an idea of how rich Japanese culture is. With every uniquely formed sushi, you get to see how Japanese pay attention to details and how they respect their culture. With that being said, it is then important to know sushi etiquette when you walk into a sushi bar.   #1: Eat your sushi before the miso soup. We know that soups are served first before any dish as an appetizer especially in the Western World. It is a rule ...

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The New Mexican Cuisine

the new mexican cuisine

After Chinese food, Mexican cuisine is considered to be the next most varied and extensive in the world. Each of the country’s regions is proud of having its own cuisine style. However, many people tend to confuse Mexican cuisine with New Mexican cuisine. Yes, both are known for their exciting flavor, zest, and spiciness, but there are actually a number of factors that make them distinct from each other. A Closer Look at Traditional Mexican Cuisine For a lot of people, once they hear the term ‘Mexican food’, they already jump to the conclusion that they will be eating a ...

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Top 5 Milk-Producing Foods for Breastfeeding

top 5 milk-producing foods for breastfeeding

Breast milk and breastfeeding is the best choice for both mother and infant. It provides nutrients and antibodies that aren’t found in milk formula and promotes mother and child bonding. However, most mothers, especially first-time moms, experience difficulty in producing their own milk. Mothers who have other children may also experience this, especially when they lack breast tissue. But this is no cause for alarm as there are ways to improve milk production. One way is to eat lactogenic foods or galactagogues. Galactagogues are foods that help in the milk production and also add more nutrients to the breast milk. ...

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Is Hummus Good for You?


Is Hummus Good for You? Coming from the Arabic word which means chickpeas, hummus is a dip made out of beans and loved by many for centuries, most especially those in the Middle East. They eat this type of dip mainly to get fiber that aids in digestion. But there is one question, however; is hummus good for you? To answer the question, here are some facts that’ll help you gain knowledge about hummus, especially if you want to include it in your diet. Elements in making Hummus Varieties of hummus are made in different parts of the Middle East. ...

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Is wheat bread good for you?

is wheat bread good for you

Visit a bakery, or even a grocery, and you will find tons of bread of different kinds. For most people, they are all the same. After all, bread is just bread—this is true. And after all, every single kind of bread comes from the same thing—wheat bread. The differences here lie in the processing. Different kinds of bread go through different processes, which makes one possibly healthier than the other. In search of the healthiest bread available, it is common for most people to assume that wheat bread is the healthiest option. There is a pressing need to answer questions ...

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