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Know What to Wear When in Thailand

what to wear in thailand

Don’t know what to wear when in Thailand? Well, it’s just a matter of two factors – one is the cultural considerations while the other is the year-long tropical climate. Here, we’ll discuss how to combine the two and feel at home while exploring what this beautiful country has to offer. For starters, you should be aware that shoulders and knees must be covered at the minimum, when visiting various temples and shrines. Flip flops are also taboo when dropping by these sacred places. The key here is to be observant and sensitive to your environment. In Thailand, most women ...

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Top 5 Shopping Destinations of Cheating Wives

shopping destinations

Let’s now find out. As you read on, you may be surprised as you discover that their favorite shopping stores may be your favorite, too. A dating and affair website,, revealed the top 5 shopping destinations of cheating wives through a survey. So what does the list include then? Shopping Destination #5 – H&M H&M takes the 5th spot. It offers fast-fashion clothing for all ages and genders. With H&M’s attention-grabbing designs for ladies, it makes them feel young and sexy, making men more attracted to these cheating ladies. Shopping Destination #4 – Ann Taylor Ann Taylor takes the ...

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Be a Virtual Online Fashion Designer

fashion designer

Do you know that you can be a virtual fashion designer online? Absolutely! Playing clothes designing games online is a great way for your inner designer spirit to unveil itself and create several unique designs. There are fun games of many sorts online that let you create outfits and instantly see your designs modeled right before your eyes. Try playing various clothes designing games online from websites like: Makeover Designer at; Design Your Clothes Dress Up at; Fashion Freak at; and, Design a Gown at Below is a brief description on how each game works. Makeover ...

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How to Dress to Impress – The Classic Way!

dress to impress

Knocking together the perfect classical woman’s wardrobe can pose quite a challenge for the average fashionista. But here’s the secret to creating the ideal dress to impress ensemble that can make display ads blush – gather a mish-mash of timeless clothing and compliment it with some chic vintage accessories. Not only will this make your fashion choices a global phenomenon on the twitter marketing scene, but it’ll certainly knock the socks off your dinner guests. Here are 7 hot tips to remember the next time you decide to flaunt your suave classical fashion tastes. 1. Wear Complementary Form-Fitting Tops. When ...

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Fashion Tips For Men: Cause Fashion Is No Longer a Woman’s World

fashion tips

Fashion is no longer a woman’s world. With the rise of the male metrosexual, more men have looked more debonair than ever. To these men, fashion is power. Here are five simple fashion tips for men who want to enhance their sense of style: Invest in a timeless wardrobe. Trends are traps. Do not fall into them. While not all trends are bad, trends are highly selective. Unless you have a great understanding of your body proportions and personal taste, it is best to start out with tried-and-tested, classic pieces. …But dare to take risks. Once you have acquired a ...

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How to be a Savvy Fashionista Shopper Online

fashionista shopper online

Exploring the haute couture of the fashion world online can be an eclectic experience, especially if you’re a first-timer. With a plethora of striking accessories and fabrics available at the click of a button, it can really be tricky to purchase something without being tempted to buy it all! Getting a cheap bargain is a stroke of luck, but it takes serious skill to lay your fingers on an in-season Gucci tote under $200. Thus, we present several key tips that can help you become a savvy fashionista shopper online. Know yourself A wise savvy fashionista is quick to slip ...

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Selling Your Diamonds: Tips You Should Know

diamonds for sale

Who hasn’t been through a tough time? Everyone probably has at some point of their lives. It may be about relationships, career, or finances. When most women have financial problems, they often times resort to selling their precious diamond jewellery for some extra cash. When you are planning to sell diamonds for cash, there are certain things that you have to know. Selling diamonds is not as easy as selling gold. Even when you sell silver jewellery for cash, it has a quantifiable value. Diamond, on the other hand, does not have any objective way of measuring. Before you sell ...

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Choosing the Best Diamond Ring for the Occasion

diamond ring

Diamond rings need not sport expensive “rock-sized” gems such as those worn by Elizabeth Taylor or Princess Diana. In real life, enormous gemstones look ridiculous, ostentatious, and ironically fake. What you probably need are: 1.) smaller, good-quality gemstones and 2.) good diamond ring designs which reflect the personality of the couple and make good use of the natural beauty of the gemstones used. The best and most traditional of engagement rings is, of course, the diamond ring. But there are a few important things to consider before purchasing a diamond engagement or wedding ring. Ring Design Some people like to have ...

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