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Your Own Foam Party at Home

your own foam party at home

Foam parties are one of the latest trends in party themes. This is where the whole party area is filled with foams of massive amounts. These arrangements are usually done with the aid of certain party machine that spew copious amount of foam filling a large expanse with almost waist length of foam. These types of high maintenance and meticulous looking party arrangements are usually done by professional party halls, clubs, dancing arenas and other places that host social events. They tend to be equipped with all sorts of party machines that aid them in creating a well-set party environment, ...

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What Is A Foam Party? How Geeks Go Wild

what is a foam party? how geeks go wild

So what is a foam party? It’s a dance party dunked in about four feet of soap foam. Crazy as it sounds, think of it as throwback to 90s rave foam parties. Here’s how to stage one. What is a foam party but a giant bubble bath? This means your foam party must be held in a place that can take the suds. Not kidding here: a layer of foam can bleach or “eat” away at whatever it’s sitting on. So if you hold it in your precious garden, you’ll literally be killing all plants and insects by significantly changing ...

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