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Create 5 Simple Home Remedy for Acne Right from Your Own Home

home remedy for acne

Acne treatments need not be expensive. In fact, you can find the ingredients right inside your own kitchen. To create a home remedy for acne, all you need to do is raid your fridge and kitchen cupboard. Eggs, oatmeal, cucumber, yogurt, lemon and honey to name a few — quite the usual stuff you are likely to have at home. So forget going to the store for once to buy that pricey bottled treatment. You’ll have clear, glowing and healthy skin just the same, and say goodbye to acne. Try these five homemade facial masks to treat pimple-prone skin and ...

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Drinkable Beauty Solution: Is It Possible?

beauty solution

Can you imagine drinking your favorite beauty product? For a healthy glowing skin, would you want to try? Drinkable beauty products were then just seemed an impossible mission. But recent research shows it is possible and the effects of these drinkable products can be long-lasting as well. Collagen elixir is just one of these products. Collagen is a protein in our body that actually plays an important role in keeping the skin healthy by binding cells together. It is the reason why skin looks firm and elastic. But as we age, our collagen levels begin to decline that is why ...

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5 Essential Skin Care Tips For a More Beautiful You

skin care tip

If you don’t have the time and money to do intensive skin care, then it’s important for you to go back to the basics. These simple yet essential skin care tips are very easy to do and does not necessarily require you to drain your wallet. Protect your skin from the sun. You may have read this skin care tip a thousand times already but there’s a reason for that – frequent sun exposure not only causes physical damage such as wrinkles and age spots to your skin, it may also cause skin cancer. Put on some sunscreen or use ...

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