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Cataract: Removing the Eye Monster

The eyes are one of the most important parts of the body. It is normal to experience some eye issues, which can be attributed to several factors. But it is undeniable that some eye problems are naturally caused by aging. Yes, as the person grows older, the more one can be inflicted with astigmatism, near blindness, and all other dreaded eye diseases. But the most common among older people is cataract.
Cataract: Removing the Eye Monster
A cataract is the term for the disease where a clouding of the lens in the eye eventually leads to poor vision. As difficult as it is to have this disease, it is just right for those cataract patients to undergo a surgery in order to have a proper cataract removal. Before signing yourselves up for the surgery, it is important to schedule a checkup with the ophthalmologist. This is to find out about the severity of patient’s case and what other options can be done to improve one’s vision. Although it is suggested that one should have an eye checkup at least once a year regardless if he has a perfect vision or not, sometimes these types of appointments are not done due to busy schedules. But if one have not had any eye exam in a long while now, how would he know if it is time to have the eyes checked? Here are some of the symptoms that suggest serious eye problems.

Poor Overall Vision
There are people who notice that they have difficulty seeing well during the night and some experience blurring. Although different symptoms can be experienced by different people, it is just normal for patients to complain about their need for a brighter light when reading a good book as well as instances of having double vision.

Frequent Changes Experienced in Eyesight
There are times that a person using a pair of eyeglasses will notice that his eye grade tends to change every time he goes for an exam. That is why some patients are struggling to look for options needed to improve their vision. If this is the case, it’s time to consult the doctor about it and ask if the removal of the cataract is really needed. Most of the time, this condition can change and eventually worsen. But in the case of those with diabetes, this can really pose a big problem since cataract is one of its side effects. It is recommended to immediately see the doctor.

Color Fading
A person with cataract is known to experience gradual changes and because of these, one may notice some color fading. Some cases can cause the patient to see some yellowish hue that is not as bright as how it should be.

Take note that if these symptoms become evident, it is not advisable to panic. Some cases would demand for an immediate removal of the cataract. But before jumping to any conclusions, make sure to have your eyes checked first.

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