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Caring For Older Yorkies

It is said that a one year for human is equivalent to seven years to a dog. They age quicker than their owners, and thus the owner must pay special attention to their beloved Yorkshire terrier as the years go by, especially when their pet has reached the so-called senior years. This is the time for owners to return the loyalty, love and affection that has been given to them by their dog for so many years.

Caring For Older Yorkies
First thing that a Yorkie pet parent must put in mind is that just like senior human beings, senior Yorkies find it hard to get things done as well. For so many years, your Yorkie has been ever playful and energetic. And as they get older, you might think that they just prefer to lie down, but in actuality, they still need to be kept entertained and mentally simulated.

As the Yorkie gets older, you as the owner must have long patience with them. Even if you have trained them for so many years on where to potty, how to signal when they need to go out or eat, they may have some ‘accidents’. They may forget how things are usually done. But don’t get mad at them and understand that they did not mean to disobey or make mistakes on purpose. It is just something that comes with the age.

Aside from ensuring regular check-up and that he gets a balanced diet, try to be the one who gets excited to approach him this time around. They may seem uninterested on waiting on you when you arrive since their physical body starts failing already. During this time, be the first one to let them know that you are glad to be home and see them okay, even just simple petting will do. Also, limit your walks than the regular ones as their joints may start to hurt as well.

In order to keep them from joint pains, it is important that they have a warm cozy place be to be tucked into. This is more needed during the cold season. Your little baby has fully grown up and demands more of the love that you have usually given. As thanks to the loyalty, do these simple things for them to let them know that they are loved and cherished. There is no greater happiness for a Yorkie than the return of their owner’s affection.

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