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Capturing the First Shot: Ideas for Newborn Photography

Since cameras and DSLRs are becoming affordable nowadays, there is also a rise in the number of people venturing into photography. Many people are already interested in becoming a professional photographer. One of the common photography services that are offered today is newborn photography.

capturing the first shot: ideas for newborn photography

Newborn photography can be a bit difficult and tricky. Traditional portrait photography lets you direct your subject, especially when you have teenage or adult subjects. Babies cannot be directed that easily. They will cry for milk anytime and will need to be carried by parents most of the time. This kind of photography requires a lot of patience from the photographer.

For those who want to try out this photography, there are certain newborn photography ideas that can help you in capturing great photos.

Keep in mind that your photos will most often depend on the newborn’s mood. This is why it would be best not to shoot when the baby is hungry. Make sure that he has finished napping or feeding before you have your photo session. You also have to be prepared for sudden mood swings. Newborn photography is definitely a challenging task, but is rewarding when you see parents very happy with the photos.

Waiting for the right time and moment is one of the secrets in newborn photography. This is probably among the most important newborn photography ideas. You need to be patient enough in waiting for the picture perfect moment. You need to find the right angle that will make the newborn look great.

Ask the parents for newborn photography ideas, like the theme that they want to work on. Most parents will have a certain theme that they want for the shoot. Try to inquire about the things and the ambiance that they want. These ideas will help you in creating photos that will suit their personal preferences. If they are not quite sure with the look that they want, ask them to bring sample photos that they like from your work and from the internet. Combine these themes and come up with a workable idea for the shoot. You can also provide suggestions that match their personalities.

Shooting more and practicing is one of the foolproof newborn photography ideas. If you want to improve your photography, you need to continue working with newborns in order to be more experienced with them. You can start by having free photo sessions for family and friends with newborns. These can be used in practicing your photography skills and will help in building your portfolio, as well.

Most importantly, be updated with the different photography styles. Be open to new styles in photos and embrace them. This will serve as new information that you can use on your next photo shoots. Look at photos done by famous and professional photographers. This is also a great way to get some inspiration. You don’t have to copy their work. Oftentimes, fresh visuals will make your work different every now and then.

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