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Bullying: The Top Five Reasons It Happens

We all thought that bullying begins with a lonesome bully who suffers from low self-esteem. However, this is far from the reality. In a study, bullies usually have average self-esteem. They also have a group of friends to support them, which shows that they are not alone. Most often, these friends even encourage them to continue bullying.

bullying: the top five reasons it happens

You may ask yourself what are the causes of bullying, if it’s not about feeling alone. There are actually five main causes and reasons why bullying happens. These will help us see through the bully’s actions. Knowing the root causes of bullying is important so we can learn how to address them.

Bullies get rewarded for bullying. Although this may seem weird, bullies often get both material and intangible rewards for their behavior. This prompts them to continue bullying other kids. They get material rewards, such as lunch money from their victims. The fame that they get from bullying is also another reward. They continuously bully so they will be feared in the school and get attention.

Bullies are influenced by their family. Oftentimes, this is one of the core causes of bullying that are not given that much attention. Most often, bullies come from a family with less or no closeness at all. These families are usually uncomfortable with sharing their feelings. Parents have a rigid style of discipline and do not monitor their kids.

Bullies don’t know how to control their emotions. There is a study that showed that a part of these bullies’ brains is inactive. This is the part that allows them to regulate their feelings. This means they don’t have the ability to control their frustrations and anger, which can lead to overreaction when they are provoked.

Bullies don’t know empathy. Bullies usually tend to ignore the feelings and the rights of the people around them, a study said. They don’t know how to feel for others, which is why they can easily hurt. These bullies also enjoy when other people are in pain. Researchers noticed that the bullies feel reward and pleasure in seeing pain.

Bullies need to exert dominance and control over other people. And it’s one of the most common causes of bullying. The bullies have this huge desire for power, which drives them to bullying. They have a dominant personality and enjoy having control over other people. Being a bully at an early age oftentimes learn that having power can be effectively used to cause distress to the people around them.

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