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Building Your Own Marine Salvage Yards

A salvage yard is also another term for a junk shop. This is a place that wrecks vehicles and segregates their usable spare parts and metal for profit. This is an interesting business that you can do in order to have some extra profit, especially if you are into vehicles and cars in the first place. Marine salvage yards aren’t really the prettiest business ideas but they can earn a lot especially when you get your act together.
building your own marine salvage yards
Make sure that you have a spacious property or land area that you can convert to marine salvage yards. You will need so much space when it comes to storing different kinds of boats and parts in the business. Sooner or later, you’ll have so many items in your yard and will later on thank yourself, for having enough space to begin with is advantageous.

Plan and map out the property hat you’ll be using for your marine salvage yards. Map where the receiving area will be, where you’ll be storing the boats and their frames, including the other spare parts that are still saleable. Make sure that the map is customer-friendly and has been organized to fit the needs of the yard. You can also hire a surveyor in doing this for you.

After you’ve fully mapped your yard, make sure to properly fence the area to prevent theft. Ensure that the fences are high enough to secure the place. Installing security features like cameras and other things might be helpful in warding off bad elements from your marine salvage yards. You can also use simple barbed wires, if you don’t want to fully fence off your yard. Having employees or staff who roams around the yard will also be helpful in tightening the security.

Start off the stocks for your marine salvage yards by purchasing boats and other used spare parts. You can never attract customers when you don’t have the stocks or the items to show. Months before opening your yard, you may want to attend different state or city auctions for used and decommissioned boats. This is the best way to start if you want to augment your stocks and products.

When the used boats and parts are coming in, log each of them meticulously. This is important in order to track your stocks. Identify where the boat or the part was from and when it arrived at the yard. It would also be helpful to be specific and include the area in the yard where the part is stored. This will be helpful in pinpointing where to find what. This organizes searching for items and parts that the customer might be looking for. Make sure all the data are placed in your computer for easy reference. You may also want to include the price list for every item, especially the outgoing and sold items. This can help in monitoring products that you have and to create a flow that your staff can check out when attending to customers.

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