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Black, Green, and White Tea Flavors

Flavoring teas is an ancient practice, an excellent way to add depth and new dimension and flavor to the hot beverage. Teas are of the oldest beverages of our planet and are consumed almost worldwide. Tea flavors come in all forms and varieties. So much so that nowadays, almost any flavoring is available.
black green and white tea flavors
One must note the key factor though, that herbal teas are very different from flavored teas. In fact, they aren’t exactly teas; they are more of a brew of a certain herb or plant. Tea, on the other hand, comes from a specific plant known as camellia sinensis. It is to the concoctions of these plant’s leaves that tea flavors are usually added.

To get a more clear idea of the difference between the traditional tea and the modern day herbal teas, we’ll take the example of the chamomile tea. The chamomile plant is known for its medicinal purposes; its infusion is mostly used for relaxation and is widely known to promote sleep. However, its concoction has no tea at all.

The forms of traditional teas include black, white, oolong and green tea. Adding tea flavors to these varieties is common although it is mostly green and black teas that have most variety of flavors among them. Also, these two are the stronger brews of tea and have a more distinguished taste when compared to the other kinds.

In the western world, it is black tea that is most popular. There are over hundreds of varieties of tea flavors available in the market. The famous ones being floral fragrances like lavender, jasmine and rose. Fruits also come as common flavorings, usually accompanied by a sweetener, mostly honey.

The very notable earl grey tea also happens to be a flavored beverage. It is unlikely that someone would think of earl grey as something but an original tea, it has become so common that many would brush off the fact that it actually contains an added flavor. It is the addition of bergamot oil that gives earl grey its distinct essence.

Green teas also happen to have their fair share of flavorings. Although very different from black tea in terms of strength and flavor, green tea is seen more in terms of a healthier form of tea. The familiar flavors associated with green tea are mango, lemon, orange and mint. Green tea with mint is so popular that most people cannot picture green teas otherwise.

And lastly, we have the white tea, a rarely seen variety of the tea family but nonetheless a prominent brew. It’s a mildly concentrated tea with slight sweetness and is very adaptable to most tea flavors. Although, it is most familiar with fruity flavors; Persian melon and white grapefruit are some well known varieties.

Now that you already know the different types of tea and their various flavors, which one do you prefer?

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