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Best Halloween Costumes for Couples

Need original and clever Halloween costume ideas for both you and your sweetie? Look no further and prepare to wow everyone at the party with these scarily fabulous getups.


  1. Justin Bieber and a fan

Him: Style your hair like the Biebs, or buy a wig online. Get a hoodie, jeans, shirt, and some stylish rubber kicks.

Her: Wear a Bieber fever shirt, a denim mini, and maybe some braces.


  1. Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson from Glee

Him: A red football uniform or varsity jacket, jeans, and some uncoordinated dance moves.

Her: Knitted cardigan, plaid skirt, tights, loafers, and a headband. This is probably this year’s best Halloween costume for couples.


  1. Edward and Bella from Twilight

Him: Think a modern James Dean, with the motorcycle jacket, high hair, and luminous skin. Yes. I just said that.

Her: A permanent constipated look paired with a flannel shirt, skinny jeans, and Chucks.

Best Halloween Costumes for Couples

  1. David and Victoria Beckham

Him: Gelled-up hair, soccer uniform, and soccer ball.

Her: Tuxedo blazer, tight pants, high heels, and Posh’s bobcut from some time ago.


  1. Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele of Fifty Shades of Grey

Him: Copper colored hair, slick suit, expensive looking-shoes, and an S&M paddle.

Her: Plum mid-length dress and handcuffs. And bite on your lower lip a lot.


  1. Captain Hook and the crocodile from Peter Pan

Him: Velvet coat, pants, large hat, and white, ruffled undershirt. White stockings, black boots, and the hook of course.

Her: Buy one of those inflatable crocodile pool toys, and strap it on you. What a clever Halloween costume idea!


  1. Marie Antoinette and her chopped head

Him: Full-on French aristocratic garb from the 1700s. Poofy gown full of lace and ribbons. And a black cover for your head, to look headless.

Her: Black bodysuit exposing only your pompadoured head that is bloodied around the neck. Another one clever Halloween costume idea!


  1. Abe Lincoln and a vampire from Abraham Lincoln The Vampire Hunter

Him: Stovepipe hat, white shirt, long black coat, an axe, and a full beard.

Her: Civil war era clothes (ala Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With The Wind), and fangs.


  1. Angelina Jolie and the baby monster

Him: Glue or tape on baby dolls of different nationalities on yourself. Wear a white cloth diaper.

Her: Vamp it up with a sexy clingy dress, high heels, and plump lips.


  1. Lady Gaga and egg from the Grammys

Him: This one’s a classic – one of the best Halloween costume for couples. Get an egg suit online, or make one out of hoops of wire covered in white fabric.


Her: A sunny-side-up egg hat, long blonde wig, a translucent raincoat, midriff, and long skirt.


  1. Elizabeth Bennet and a zombie from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Him: A zombiefied Mr. Darcy, with mutton chop sideburns.

Her: Snug corset, gossamer sleeves, flowy skirt, and ringlets.


  1. Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson

Him: Win best Halloween costume for a couple by going all out Goth. Just wear anything black, smudge the kohl eyeshadow, and pop on a blue eye contact. Piercings would be great too.

Best Halloween Costumes for Couples

Her: Channel retro-Hollywood with a Betty Page-esque hairstyle, powder white foundation, and standout red lips


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