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Benefits of Exercise to the Whole Body

Most of us exercise because of one thing – to lose weight or to look good. Sure, exercise can help us achieve that goal. But did you know that there are other important benefits exercise can give as well? Read on to find out the benefits of exercise to the whole body:

benefits of exercise to the whole body

Exercise maintains the tone and strength of our muscles. Also, through physical activity, our joints receive nourishment. Joint stability, flexibility, and range of motion are improved as well. Research studies also show that exercise reduces weakness and the risk of falling in the elderly.

Particularly through endurance exercises such as walking or jogging regularly, good cholesterol or the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels increase. Also, it promotes heart health by strengthening the heart muscles and in turn, pump adequate blood supply to the heart itself and to the rest of the body which means that adequate nutrients are transported as well. And since exercising also promotes efficient blood flow, the body can excrete more wastes effectively through our urine.

As we exercise, we breathe in more oxygen and breathe out more toxins as well. If more oxygen is in our lungs and in our body, adequate supply goes to our brain which helps in improving problem solving and in enhancing emotional stability. It is said that exercising relieves depression as well by increasing levels of feel-good chemicals in the body.

Walking, sit-ups, and swimming also improve our abdominal muscles and its tone. This then helps facilitate gastric movement and relieve constipation. Another benefit of exercise that we may not know about is that it helps enhance our immunity as it facilitates proper circulation of lymph fluids (responsible for killing bacteria). But remember that vigorous exercise may just do the opposite so it is important that we rest after doing so to allow our body to recover.

With these being said, we can note that there are truly a lot exercise can give us. So if you’re still thinking about whether to start exercising or not, read this all over again.

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