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Being A Certified Nursing Assistant

The field of Nursing has been one of the most in-demand courses this past few years. This makes not only the young people but also those who are already in the profession to take up the course. However, not all who want to be one can afford the amount needed to pursue the course. But do not be downhearted. There is a similar profession that is just like being a nurse. It’s called a certified nursing assistant. The question is, what is a certified nursing assistant?

being a certified nursing assistant

In the field of health and medicine, a certified nursing assistant or better known as a CNA is the one responsible for giving aid to patients’ needs. They are usually supervised by the Registered Nurse. To become a CNA, also called nursing aids or patient care assistants in other parts of the world, you need to have a great deal of ethics at work and the capacity to handle patients of all kinds. The following responsibilities can help you shed light to the question, ‘what is a certified nursing assistant?’

1. Certified Nursing Assistants can work in different settings such as hospitals, nursing homes or day care centers. In these facilities, CNAs aid the RNs in dealing with the patients. They become the RNs eyes and ears especially if there are many patients to handle.

2. CNAs also are one of those people who help in fulfilling the needs of patients, regardless of their age, gender and culture. They spend more time with the patients compared to the RNs and are tasked with the responsibility of providing essential information to their supervisors. These information are mainly for the betterment of the patient.

So aside from asking the question ‘what is a certified nursing assistant’, let us try to answer the question of how to become one. Similar to other professions, trainings are essential to become a CNA. Trainings are offered by different agencies like the Red Cross, universities and some medical facilities. Some of the establishments in need of CNAs require inexperienced applicants to undergo an on-the-job training but this kind of opportunity is seldom offered.

We already answered the question ‘what is a certified nursing assistant’ and showed the requirements on how to become one. This time, let us answer the question ‘what careers are similar to being a CNA?’

1. Psychiatric Assistants. This position has a job description almost similar to the CNA. The only difference falls on the work environment. Compared to those who are physically ill, psychiatry assistants should be familiar with handling mental situations and needs.

2. Medical Aides. These people do not need to have a degree for their tasks are more into helping doctors and nurses in their routine tasks. In addition, this profession requires only minimal interaction with patients.

3. Orderlies. These people are in charge of maintaining operations and attending to other non-medical matters.

The information presented above will indeed be of great help in pursuing your goal of becoming a part of the medical profession. Start achieving your dream and help others with passion and care.

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