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Be Green by Riding Green

Pollution is one of the major contributing factors to global warming. Pollution may come from the gasses released by factories and vehicles. With the increasing awareness of people regarding the direct effect of pollution to this environmental phenomenon, several environmental advocacies are created to reduce carbon footprint.

There are ways to reduce carbon footprint, such as usage of hybrid cars, reducing speed, keeping the trunk clear of excess baggage, and having a good set of tires

Drive a Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars are promising as it uses electricity or hydrogen instead of fuel. It is considered to be environment-friendly as it produces little amount of smoke thus, does not add to pollution, and neither does it emit fumes.

If you prefer to stick with your trusty car instead of using a hybrid one, you can still partake in the green movement by means of:

hybrid car

Reducing Gas Consumption by Reducing Speed

You can lessen gas consumption by tweaking your driving habits. If you’re used to the speed limit of 80 kph and above, maybe it’s high time for you to reduce your speed. This way, you can increase your car’s fuel efficiency up to 47% maximum. On the contrary, speeding and accelerating can decrease fuel efficiency by 33%, attributing to the consumption of energy. Remember physics? The more the inertia, the more energy consumed.

You also contribute to the environment by having better fuel economy, which is synonymous to lesser pollution! Isn’t that great?

Keep Your Trunk Clean

Only put things on the trunk on the day that you’re going to use them, otherwise, take them out. Remember, the things you place in the trunk are extra baggage that consumes not only space but fuel as well. In order not to compromise your car’s performance, it is better not to load it with unnecessary stuff.

hybrid car2

Do a Tire Check

Apart from the excess baggage in your trunk, your tires also affect your fuel efficiency. Underinflated and old tires consume more energy. To maximize your fuel’s performance, it is recommended for you to have proper tire maintenance – something which is often missed by many motorists. Also, bear in mind to buy high-quality tires that are built to last.

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