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Be a Virtual Online Fashion Designer

Do you know that you can be a virtual fashion designer online? Absolutely! Playing clothes designing games online is a great way for your inner designer spirit to unveil itself and create several unique designs. There are fun games of many sorts online that let you create outfits and instantly see your designs modeled right before your eyes.

Try playing various clothes designing games online from websites like: Makeover Designer at; Design Your Clothes Dress Up at; Fashion Freak at; and, Design a Gown at Below is a brief description on how each game works.

Makeover Designer. You take control over a wardrobe of fashion designs and recreate them in your personal style. Click an article of clothing to get a blank template for it. Next, use the tools at the bottom of the screen to fill in colors and patterns. The pencil tool lets you draw directly onto the clothing. Once you’re satisfied with the piece, click the models at the bottom of the screen to see how it looks.

Design Your Clothes Dress Up. Allows you to design an all-new style for your model. Select from the blank templates of dresses, tops and pants. Next, click to pick out two textures and use the color bar sliders to find the perfect shade. As soon as you’ve got the perfect outfit, complete the look by accessorizing your dressed model with belts, shoes and jewelry.

Fashion Freak. Re-invent friends’ old outfit and turn them into something innovative and amazing. Use the choices at the top of the page to take measurements, select fabric from the wardrobe, choose a style and sew a new design for your friends to model. As you complete each outfit, you advance to the next level to design clothing for new people.

Design a Gown. Create your ideal gown with this realistic design game. It’s done in photo-realistic style, making it look as if you are really in the fashion studio creating a new look. Click to drag and drop the top, bottom, sash and trim onto the dressmaker’s dummy in order to design the overall look. Then, use the color bars to set the shade.

No more imagining how your designs look like, with these exciting clothes designing games online, you can make your fabulous creations virtually come to life!

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