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Baby Proofing: When Should I Start?

For first time mothers expecting their babies in a few months, a common question you will hear is, “When should I start baby proofing my home?” The answer: As soon as possible.

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Millions of children are injured and thousands die every year due to accidents that happen at home. Newbie moms should know that it’s important to prevent this even when your baby hasn’t arrived yet. This is so you’ll have plenty of time to focus on preparing to baby-proof each room. Because honestly, when you finally have your baby in your arms, you’ll be too busy to do anything else besides feeding him, burping him and putting him to sleep. (Can I get an amen, mother of three?)

Home safety measure guides is a great tool to keep you in check of things you need to prepare before your baby arrives. There are plenty of checklists out there that help mothers ensure they have a safe haven ready.

Here are some of the most common tips these lists will tell you:

Let’s Get Techy!

Although there is no substitute to eyes and ears, some parents still like installing safety gadgets like walkie talkie-like devices or video cameras in the baby’s room to supervise on them while you take a nap in your room.

Halt! Freeze!

Building barriers is a great way to keep babies off areas that are hazardous. Baby gates are among the most common used for baby proofing and they are simply a must-have for every parent. Make sure to purchase wall-mount type of gates for the top and bottom of your stairs. When babies start to crawl, you really have to keep them from falling off the stairs (or anywhere, for that matter!)

Let’s Play Interior Designer!

While you’re designing your new room for the baby, redecorate the rest of the house as well. Keep anything you think needs to be kept. Do you really think that vase should be there right now?

Purchase safety strap for furniture that can potentially fall down on your babies. Place choking hazards in high places where the baby can’t reach them. Parents can always get down on their knees (if you’re too pregnant for this, ask your husband) to check out anything unsafe that will be on your baby’s level, like that sharp-edged coffee table over there!

Love The Lock

Soon enough, parents will find themselves buying locks every week. Always safe than sorry, right? A lock is a parent’s best friend. Lock away anything that is not safe for your new baby like medicines, household products, garden sprays, alcohol, sharp objects; just about anything really! Babies can be very experimental and don’t forget that they like putting things in their mouths so to prevent accidents or poisoning, it would be best to prepare everything now while you aren’t stressed yet (yes, motherhood can be stressful.)

Cord Coil

No, not the umbilical cords. Strangulations are common among babies especially when they start crawling. Parents should keep away any lengthy cords or keep them safe in a locked up drawer somewhere. While you’re doing this, go ahead and buy covers for your power sockets, which you will use when there are no plugs in them.

The possibilities are endless and there are just so much you can do to prepare your home to make sure that your baby is safe when you say, “Welcome home!”

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