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Awesome Sweet 16 Party Ideas

Every young girl anticipates her own sweet 16 celebration whenever she attends a friend’s sweet 16 birthday party. She sees turning 16 as another important milestone in her life. The “coming out” to adulthood. All sorts of party gimmicks reel in her mind, excited to plan out her sweet 16 party ideas. As a parent, you want to have your share in preparing this much awaited event of your daughter to make it momentous. She’ll appreciate the bonding time you’ll have together.

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Where to begin? Start with your teen’s favorites for her sweet 16 party ideas. If she’s wishing for a themed concept, it can vary from nice and simple to far-fetched crazy themes. Ask who her guests are going to be so you can have an idea. For decorations, girls usually go for feminine colors while boys may feel out of place if they see the venue all-too-girly. Is it going to be indoors or outdoors? Draft a program, perhaps most of your daughter’s friends would love to have some fun teen games. This will add entertainment as well apart from the dancing and socializing.

If your teen is looking forward to an all-girls sweet 16 party ideas, then you might want to host a slumber party. A game of charade will make the girls shriek with delight and laughter, or dancing to funky tunes will make the party a lively one. Ask the video shop if they have any flick appropriate for the event. The movies Sixteen Candles and Clueless are comedies which the girls will enjoy watching and big bowls of popcorn will complement the ambience. This will help make the girls feel more relaxed.

Better yet, why not surprise your teen on her big day. She will surely love something unexpected like this, making her feel very special on her birthday. You’ll have to ask one or two of her trusted friends beforehand to help you plan the party without a hassle. They might even pitch in some other sweet 16 party ideas for you. Just make sure they will be abiding to their promise to keep everything a secret from the celebrant.

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Go tech-savvy with these sweet 16 party ideas. Gather pictures and videos and compile them with a movie-maker software to create a slideshow for everyone to watch. Get someone who has the know-how to help you with the presentation. Or, if you know how to use a powerpoint presentation, that’ll do as well. If you got the budget, you can hire a DJ and set up the place for a groovy feel and the music flow. Now that’s one cool party scene.

Choose what kind of sweet 16 party ideas you’ll want to throw for your special young lady. There are party supplies stores available online for you to get the stuff you’ll be needing aside from the refreshments. Just don’t forget the cake, though!

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