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Audiology – An Exciting and Rewarding Career

An audiologist job description is that of a paramedical professional whose primary concern is with hearing issues related to balance, loss of hearing or any other auditory problems that patients may have. Audiology is considered part of the paramedical profession and audiologists may be involved in many aspects of this science including research or careers in speech pathology.
audiology an exciting and rewarding career
Hearing problems occur for a variety of reasons including trauma or damage to the ears, aging, birth defects and many other conditions and part of the audiologist job description is to diagnose and correct these conditions if possible. Although audiologists possess a doctoral degree, their responsibilities do not include performing surgeries and it is sometimes necessary to refer patients to physicians or surgeons.

Another important part of the audiologist job description is the use of specialized equipment in the detection of hearing problems including computers, audiometers and other similar devices. Many different tests may be used in the diagnosis of hearing disorders to evaluate the impact of hearing loss on speech and comprehension and to detect the location of the damage. Speech reception and discrimination tests and air and bone conduction are examples of some of the types of tests used by audiologists.

The trauma associated with hearing loss may often affect the psychological well being of the patient and the work of an audiologist includes dealing with these aspects of the disorder as well. Observing the behavior of the patient and maintaining contact with friends and family members is critical to the proper rehabilitation and successful treatment of their condition. It is for these reasons that audiologist are often finding work in psychologists’ clinics. Other employment opportunities are in hospitals, health clinics, colleges, schools, government work and even scientific projects. Some audiologists may also consult or open their own private practice.

The subjects required to become an audiologist include chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics and even sign language and can also lead to exciting careers in other disciplines as well. Physiology, biophysics, auditory system psychophysics, the designing of specialized clinical equipment or the development of proper procedures including the maintaining and cleaning of hearing aids are employment opportunities also available to persons meeting these educational requirements.

Salary ranges vary widely as a result of the many varied employment opportunities available to qualified audiologists. Professionals in this field enjoy a lifetime of job security and the satisfaction of working closely with and helping others. Audiologist can have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of their patients and the rewards can far exceed that of simple monetary value. You perfectly fit the criteria of the audiologist job description if you possess such qualities as sensitivity and patience and have good concentration and observation skills.

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