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Attract Your Market With Colors

Everywhere you look — from the clothes you are wearing, to the furnishing of your home, and to the expansive panorama of nature — you see colors in varied shades, hues and tints. Colors affect our emotions and even have subliminal effects on us. It influences us in many ways. If you ever notice TV, online or print ads put into careful consideration which colors to use to convey their products’ message. Colors do contribute a lot to attract your market and ultimately, sell the products.

You have to be precise with your selection of colors in creating and marketing your product, online site, basically all the things that go along with your business. The color or colors should go in line with what your product or service is, as well as who your target market is.

Each individual, with attention to personality, age bracket and sex, have expectations on different kinds of businesses when he sees the colors of the advertisements. Vibrant colors are very catchy, while others suggest power, status symbol, vigor, calmness, ambition, masculinity, femininity, innocence, and so on and so forth. To say the least, colors describe the consumer or client. Have you ever wondered why some food outlets use the color red? You will find out why. Read on so you will be equipped with the knowledge on which to use.


The most popular color would be BLUE, perhaps because of its great association with nature. More so, it gives that sense of control and authority, as well as love, peace and harmony. Well-known global brands like Nokia and Hewlett Packard use blue as the chief color in their logo. However, blue should be used or combined with other colors since it has a depressing effect. To create a 3D effect on your website, red goes well with the color blue.


RED is a favorite among the females. It’s an attractive color that implies liveliness, potential, power, passion and enthusiasm. What’s more, it stimulates the appetite which is why the food industry makes use of it for various media advertising and interior design. The motor business also uses red because it symbolizes speed and action.


Because the color PURPLE represents sophistication and royalty, it is recognized as the color of luxury. Since it is linked with classy and pricey products, you should note that this color will target the high-paying or upscale market. Women and teenage girls find purple very eye-catching and alluring. That rates purple as the second favorite color among females.


The color YELLOW symbolizes happiness as well as rejuvenation because of the colors of the bright sun and beautiful flowers. Even the intellectuals find yellow appealing to them since it boosts concentration. Food businesses, toy companies and other children’s products use this color for advertising. If you want to draw more attention to your website, you’ll want to use yellow. It blends well with dark background. On the contrary, many men find the color unlikable for the reason that it has been linked with substandard products.


For a more formal look, BLACK is used. It implies excellence, boldness, authority and prominence. When you see an advertisement, it can denote that the product is of stellar standards. A more dramatic effect is created when blended with light colors like white, lime green, yellow and pink. Take note that it is not a good background for websites and videos.

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