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As Good As New: Discovering the Magic of Dental Implants

A child will always be fond of sweets. He would never miss the opportunity to delight with lollipops, chocolates, and candies. That is why many kids grow up with damaged teeth. Worse, they would already miss a teeth or two during their early years. This becomes a problem as a child is growing up. There were only a few ways to treat teeth problems during the past few decades. Well, having a new functional set of teeth would be such a blast, right? Fortunately, as time went by, dentists were able to discover a way to solve this problem. And this is through none other than having a dental implant.
As Good As New: Discovering the Magic of Dental Implants
The implantation of prosthetic teeth is by far the best solution to those people who have lost some teeth because of some injury, decay, or disease. According to statistics, the number of people in the country that are suffering from complete tooth loss caused by gum diseases or tooth decay has been increasing. Before, the only way to solve this problem is through having dentures, which can eventually feel a little awkward. This eventually was replaced with the magic of implants but it obliges too many visits to the dentist. Thankfully, today’s modern technology provided the field of dentistry the all-on-4 dental implants.

The all-on-4 dental implant technique was invented by Dr. Paulo Malo, an implantologist in Portugal. This innovation aims to restore the edentulous arch by performing only four implants. The dental surgeon attaches teeth replacement on both or either the upper and/or lower jaw using only 4 implants. In many countries, this technique is also coined as “same day implants” because of the fact that it can be performed and finished in a matter of hours. This technique permits patients to have a full set of fixed artificial teeth in a single visit. Patients can immediately go back to the comforts of their home after the session.

Aside from the quick process, one of the major advantages of having implants is that it actually ensures safety and produces minimal to no discomfort throughout the process. The implants are indistinguishable from the natural teeth and they will neither slip out nor move around while eating or speaking. What would be pleasing to the ears of the patients is that it involves minimal invasions as well as lesser cost compared to the traditional techniques. That is why it’s no longer a wonder that the success rate of the all-on-4 implant rose up to 98-99% in recent years.

It is just so amazing how the dental field bloomed and discovered so many efficient techniques in solving teeth problems. Thanks to the advancement of today’s technology, people are given alternative options on how to get back that perfect smile. With this ingenious technique, its now time to wave goodbye to those irritating dentures and to say hello to amazing dental implants.

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