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Are nuts good for you?

When we hear about nuts, we immediately think about the pimples we would be getting or how fatty they are. But have we you tried reading and researching about its benefits for our body? So let’s try to answer this question: Are nuts good for you?


Nuts have been found to actually reduce the risk of heart attack. Studies have shown that even if you’re smoking, nuts would still aid in lowering levels of heart attack. And for those thinking that it adds weight, when paired with a healthy diet, nuts can help you keep a healthy and normal weight.

Have a healthy Heart!

Are nuts good for you? Well, a lot of misinformation about nuts has spread around the world. What most do not know is that people who eat nuts actually have higher chances of avoiding having heart attacks as well as other dreaded diseases. Studies from Harvard and Seventh Day Adventist show the same results, linking nuts to lower chances of heart attacks. In the same line of thought, an article published in the 1996 states that the fats that these nuts contain are monosaturated fats, which have been proven to lower the risks of heart disease.

Disease Fighters

Talking about nutritional facts and benefits, high amount of fiber can be found in nuts, aiding in the maintenance of good cholesterol levels in the body. Aside from that, nuts are actually great source of vitamin E and protein. These two help in widening vessels, which in turn reduces the chances of blood clotting known to lead to cardiac arrests. These benefits were shown in the studies founded by the Health Research and Studies Center in California. And not long ago, it was confirmed that reveratrol, a compound that is known to give innumerable benefits to the heart, is found in peanuts as well. This is also the same compound that can be found in red wines.

Snack Time!

For those who carefully watch their weight, are nuts good for you too? Good news for all the people who love to eat nuts but are afraid to gain weight: studies show that nuts, like almonds and cashews, do not actually add up to the weight, contrary to the notion that it makes people fat. Moreover, people who eat nuts often appear to have weighed less than those who avoid nuts.

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