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Are Bunions Inheritable or Not?

Having bunions is really scary, right? None of us would ever wish to have it. However, if your parents or grandparents have them, then you must be really shaking because you believe that bunions are inheritable. Well, bunions themselves are not the ones that are hereditary, but the foot structure is. The structure of your parent’s foot resembles yours because it is possible for you to inherit your foot shape from them. So, if your parents’ foot has bunions, then your foot might also have.
Are Bunions Inheritable or Not?
If you notice that the side of your foot is starting to have bumps, then don’t wait any longer. Get it checked by specialists right away or else it might become worse. If the bunions on your foot were checked earlier, then there’s a huge chance that the bunions’ growth will stop progressing or may be hindered.

If you see a swelling on your big toe joint and it’s restricting you from walking even in comfortable shoes, then maybe your bunions are already developing. Having bunions is really painful and there is a chance that it may become worse by just walking.

If you are wondering if you can also get bunions by wearing tight shoes or sandals, well the answer is yes. Tight shoes can form a bunion by shifting over the metatarsal bone of the foot. Because of the tight shoes, shifting of your metatarsal bones becomes more rapid. Wearing high heels for the girls also forms a bunion. So, for girls who have a job that requires high heels, it is more likely that you will get bunions than your male counterparts.

However, there is still the possibility of inheriting bunions from your parents. That’s why if you are a parent that have bunions, then you should keep an eye on your children’s feet. If your children have the same foot structure just like yours, then he might inherit your bunions. So, if you have male children, prevent him from using pointy black shoes because it is tight and it can trigger the development of bunions. On the other hand, if your child is a girl, then tell her not to use high heels all the time because they are also tight and can cause bunions to develop.

You can prevent a bunion from developing by avoiding its causes. But if it’s too late, then all you have to do is to take bunion removal surgery. Nowadays, less invasive forms of bunion removal are being developed to ease the pain and to help them provide a long-lasting solution for their foot problems. Bunion removal surgeries can straighten your large toe by removing some parts of the bone. Consult your doctor for more information.

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