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Apple Watch 2 Rumors and Release Date

Avid fans continue to anticipate Apple Watch 2 rumors and release date. With some rumors saying Apple Watch 2 will be mentioned last Apple’s March 21 event, those waiting were dismayed as not a single detail was disclosed. But what can we expect to see in this high-tech wristwatch yet to be launched?

apple watch 2 rumors and release date

Sources spilled some rumors about LG and Samsung working together with Apple to produce a thinner OLED display making it possible to incorporate a larger battery since the first generation of Apple Watch had some concerns about its battery life. It is even speculated to have wireless battery charging. Another rumor is the possibility of adding a camera at the top bezel of the watch to allow for FaceTime use. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, also hinted about the second generation being more medically focused requiring US Food and Drug Administration approval. It may include sensors to track fitness and even your sleep. One other speculation is to have it measure ambient sound levels and possibly adjust the volume of alerts and notifications accordingly. The Apple Watch 2 is also expected to improve its self-reliability and have Apple Pay for mobile payment and wallet service.

With these rumors of improvements, it is not surprising that many anticipate this second generation. But when is the actual Apple Watch 2 release date? No word yet, unfortunately. However, fans’ hopes are still high as reports say that it will be revealed during Apple’s Worldwide Development Conference 2016 to be held at California, or alongside iPhone 7’s launch in September.

These Apple Watch 2 rumors and release date speculations are worth noting especially if you’re one of those who eagerly want to have this high-tech wristwatch. Keep posted then for its actual release date sometime this year.

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