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Apple Receives Negative Remarks due to iPhone Error 53

Tech giant Apple Inc. is getting complaints from its customers concerning the rise of the iPhone Error 53. This update is not a bug but a security feature wherein the error causes one’s phone to become unusable or bricked.

The iPhone Error 53 is a security update for iPhone 6 and above that bricks the phone once it detects a third-party operation that has tried to repair a busted Touch ID-enabled home button. Along with that update is an upgrade in the mobile’s OS that causes the phone to crash, thus rendering it unusable. Unfortunately, this is not a temporary error as it results to the total destruction of the iPhone.

Several users have complained to the tech giant about this glitch since most have saved in their devices important information such as credit cards, contact numbers, emails and messages.

However, this isn’t the first time Apple has underperformed in their customer service department, having its forums constantly gone unanswered when it comes to glitches and errors in their phones. It was also found that Apple’s iPhone Error 53 was previously mentioned by The Guardian in an article and is yet to be addressed completely.

Though several sources could not pinpoint the exact reason why Error 53 happens, a spokesperson from Apple managed to offer this explanation to Guardian Money, stating that Apple protects a user’s data using a secure enclave. This can be accomplished by pairing it with its Touch ID sensor. However, if a user would have their Apple gadget serviced by an unauthorized dealer or service provider, this highly affects the touch ID sensor which then results into a devastating effect on the phone. Having a phone serviced by an authorized Apple dealer and/or service provider prevents this from happening.

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