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Ankle Replacements: Star Versus Inbone

Ankle problems are now easy to cure with the latest in medical technology. For instance, if you have arthritis and you want it to be cured, then all you have to do is sign up for an ankle replacement. This procedure becomes a comparable option to ankle fusion in treating ankle arthritis. This method also has two different kinds of treatment, Star and Inbone. These two procedures are the best among all ankle treatments. The question is, which ankle replacement options are the best for arthritis?
Ankle Replacements: Star Versus Inbone
First is the star ankle replacement. In this procedure, an implant is placed in your ankle to replace a joint. The star ankle is flexible and does not constrain movement because you are free to alter your bearing in more than one dimension along the tibial area. It also has three major parts: first is the metal talsar component, second is metal tibial component, and the last is a plastic component. The higher flat surface of the plastic part moves against the flat portion of the tibial plate. The cylinders that are projected in the tibial part is meant to repair the device at the distal tibia. The lower portion of the plastic component is concave, which is a perfect fit against the convex upper portion of your talar component. By using this method, you can retain your normal ankle mobility and its function. You can also regain a much better ankle and completely cure your arthritis permanently after the operation.

On the other side, inbone ankle replacement is a new technique, which is different from what is used in other ankle joint replacement procedures. The outcome of this surgery is really accurate and favorable. Both the talar (ankle bone) and tibia (leg bone) metal prosthetic components are well-supported in your bone. The prosthesis is built with modules, which is constructed within your ankle and allows for a customized fit. During the operation, a surgeon will make a single incision at the front area of your ankle that will extend for about five inches. A small cut will also be made on the bottom of your foot in front of the heel pad. After the operation, you will get your desired ankle without any painful sensation. You will also get rid of your arthritis permanently. However, you should avoid significant impacts like jumping and running after the operation to prevent you from harm and trouble.

Above all, these two have the ability to cure arthritis that’s why both can be considered as two of the best solutions for ankle complications like arthritis. However, you need an expert surgeon to do a proper surgical procedure for your safety and to achieve your ideal results.

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