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America’s Best Girlfriend Getaways

Just imagining spending a weekend with your girlfriends makes you not want to think where to go but to just pack the bags and go! No work, no boss, no kids, no calls, just some “me” time with the girlfriends. A real break it could indeed be. But there’s no getting away from planning the get-away. So where to?

Knowing why you want to get away will help answer this question. Simply to get away, but more to get something out of it. Don’t we all deserve some time off? Let’s get down to the reasons why you would want the break with your girlfriends. It can only be any of these: physical and spiritual relaxation, food tripping, just having quiet bonding times with beloved friends to chat the night away, exploring the new buzz destinations, food and activities you’ve heard from others, party till the break of dawn, nature tripping, shop-till you-drop, or just simply to go to any place that’s walkable, shoppable and hikable maybe?

Here are some of the favorite girlfriend getaways in the US:

New York, the Big Apple, NYC or “The City”

The great and loud metropolis is still a favorite, and out-of-towners will still get their selfies in New York. Not to forget the boozing till 4am each night.

Portland, Oregon

This is the walkable and the shoppable . . . and the restaurants and the bars, you’ll have a great time with your girlfriends for sure.

portland oregon
Portland, Oregon

Charleston, South Carolina

Food, and heritage, you’ll find all these here. But there’s still the nightly partying so it could be a good mix. Travelers describe this place as mystical and enchanting. Wouldn’t you want to be there and experience southern hospitality?

Viva Las Vegas

The fabulous neon lights welcome the millions of visitors of Las Vegas yearly. It is famous throughout the world and just being there will make you feel as jeweled as the city is, only that its jewels are not diamonds but wires and wires of multi-colored electric cables.

Phoenix, Arizona

If you get tired of the partying, you can hike away with your friends and burn some of the calories from all the food and alcohol. It is the most populous US city and so it is very rich in terms of art and culture. Like the Red Mountain Resort in Utah, being close to nature will make you more centered, one very valuable take-away from a trip with your girlfriends.

Miami Heat

Feel the heat in Miami and be dressed for the occasion. This is where you can party till the break of dawn, something you can’t do on a regular work day, or when the kids and in-laws are around.

Wining and Dining in the South

Don’t forget the south beyond Napa and Sonoma. This is why girlfriend getaways are becoming popular, so you can have all the wine-tasting with your friends and get to discuss and learn about the best wines in the country.

napa valley
Napa Valley, California

College Towns

Small college towns like Austin and Wisconsin can give you that nostalgic feeling and you can relive those moments, good or bad, with your girlfriends.

California Spa

The physical relaxation is oh-so-worthy after long periods of hard work and a tiring trip. This will give you a heavenly feeling and will recharge you for another few months or years of toil. Spa and yoga, you’ll find these in California.

Wherever your time and budget will take you, enjoy the getaway and the take-aways with your girlfriends.

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