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Amazing Business Ideas for Kids

Teach your kids the value of working hard to earn money by encouraging them to start with small business ideas for kids. As they earn money performing certain tasks, they will develop independence, enhance their confidence, and sharpen their problem-solving skills.

Here are some awesome business ideas for kids.

pet siiting

Pet Sitting

Some neighbors may go on vacation. Have your kids take on the tasks to walk the dog, feed the cat, etc. Your kids will enjoy doing so as caring for pets can be a fulfilling chore.

cleaning lawns

Cleaning Lawns

Running outdoor services is one of the best business ideas for kids. Lots of people in your neighborhood may need a helping hand to clear the weeds, till the garden plot, mow the lawn, rake the leaves, etc. Your kids can even get paid to shovel snow out of the neighbors’ driveways. The options to earn from lawn-related tasks are plenty for kids who need some extra money.

car wash

Running a Car Wash

You can let your kids use your driveway to perform car wash tasks. They can do car washing during the weekends. Have them post flyers on the streets first to let people know of the car wash nearby. Simply supply them with sponges, car soap, and running water.


Running Errands

Have your kids run child-friendly errands for the people in your neighborhood. For a small fee, they can take letters to the post office, collect groceries, act as a party assistant, be a helper in a garage sale, and so on. There may be lots of activities in your neighborhood that your kids can be of use.

artsa and crafts

Selling their arts and crafts

If your kids love to make arts and crafts and you think that the products are usable, then get them to try selling their handmade items on a makeshift stand or on consignment (with your help, of course) in a small crafts store. Ideas for saleable arts and crafts that kids can do are soap making, candle making, and making beaded jewelry and handmade greeting cards. Guide them, at first, then let them figure out how to beautify and improve their handmade merchandise.

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