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Allowing Music to Students in Schools

With the growing interest in music and pop culture, and with the accessibility of various music players among students, the issue of allowing music in schools had been an emerging topic nowadays.
allowing music to students in schools
There are instances where listening to music in classrooms are disallowed by most teachers and educators. Some schools may ban them entirely, but some are very lenient with their regulations. There are certain reasons for prohibiting music in schools since it tends to distract and divert students from paying attention in class. Then again, there are some clear advantages too, for example, it may help as a stress buster for a pupil with a heavy and stressful study workload.

Schools and studies involve a lot of stress. Students have to deal with a number of problems and hassles as they progress in their studies. Academics may be one reason for the amount of strain they may be under, but there is also their personal life that needs to be considered as well. Whether they are experiencing some peer pressure, are being outcast, or simply facing some family problems, students nowadays deal with too much on a day to day basis.

As an attempt to find some relaxation and forget about the present problems in their teens, many students resolve to listening to good music. And listening to music in schools, during recess and between lectures allows them to relax for a while and rejuvenate their minds before another session of focused study.

It is well known and a proven fact that music can divert your mind from current thoughts and tensions, and a great medium that relaxes your tired mind and soul. They tend to decrease stress levels in a person and will make you feel easy and positive.

Another interesting fact suggests that listening to music can help increase IQ levels and improve understanding. Students listening to music in schools during their free time are found to have an improved brain power, making them smarter and sharper. Also, when one is able to listen to music and do another task simultaneously, the brain is exercised to multitask. This process in turn can improve your response time and make you a better student.

Although there are abundant and significant advantages that come with listening to music, there is however an issue with letting students listen to music in schools. When one is preoccupied in his own world, he will have the tendency to fail in socializing and communicating with real life persons. Failing to develop human bonds and build friendships is a serious concern since social skills are very important, especially in the adolescent and early adulthood years.

Music may be good and can help develop a person’s intelligence especially during their studying years, but this factor is also largely determined by the type of music the students listen to. Some loud and very crude sense of music may cause more damage than gain. One needs to keep check and use everything in moderation. Music in schools may prove to be beneficial but limits are necessary.

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