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Aircraft Modifications for an Upgraded In-Flight Experience

There are ways to modify the physical attributes or specifications of an aircraft design that has been manufactured years ago. Make those ideas come to life in a very innovative technique to ensure that the aircraft continues to be fully functional and upgraded to meet the emerging needs of the passengers. Aircraft experts like engineers can work well to carry out the plans for the modification process. Modifications for such aircrafts are now more technically feasible than ever, thanks to the advancements in technology.
Aircraft Modifications for an Upgraded In-Flight Experience
The air transport authorities should approve any modifications done on the aircraft. The most frequently done modifications usually cover the communications technology of the aircraft, adding new technology concerning avionics, or making the compartment more efficient. The aircraft modification process undergoes three phases, namely, design, production and certification.

What was once only seen in Sci-Fi movies are now being implemented by manufacturers. Aircraft personnel and passengers in commercial flights, for instance, can now access the Internet through broadband and wireless LAN that connect all communications and entertainment systems. All those high-tech gadgets are now within reach.

In-flight entertainment has provided passengers that one-of-a-kind experience that almost makes them forget they are thousands of feet away from the ground. Using this to modify the existing entertainment design of an aircraft, passengers get to enjoy listening to music and watching videos through their gadgets like iPads or smartphones that can be connected into their seats. Those who are taking flights for business purposes can use their computing devices with the help of the broadband systems of the aircraft and get in touch with their families, friends and associates. Passengers also get to enjoy getting updates with real-time flight information such as destination, time travelled, altitude, speed, and so on through the navigation system display. Long flights need not be boring anymore.

Security is improved by mounting cameras in the cockpit. In case any accident occurs, investigators can extract important information concerning the flight from the flight data, black box and cockpit voice recorders. The evidence is gathered by the authorities with the help of these devices, which in turn serve to come up with a concrete conclusion on what really happened during the flight.

The galleys are either integrated with the latest equipment or customized with other new designs. Both would fit the requirements needed for the aircraft conversions, like an aeromedical ambulance for instance. Aircrafts for personal use are installed with cabin storage, refrigerators, microwave ovens, potable water system, etc. Apart from these, modifications are done for other purposes – military special operations, transporting VIPs, delegations, to name a few.

Aerostructures modifications that involve high stress zone analysis, bulkhead, cargo door expansion, and damage tolerance analysis are possible with the help of advanced computer technology. Aircraft engineers are aided to ensure that every new installation is precisely mounted.

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