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Advertising and Marketing Ideas for a Car Dealership

In order to remain competitive and grow sales, a car dealership must implement non-traditional marketing gimmicks that will retain loyal customers and attract new ones. Here are some tips and ideas that may come in handy.

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Car Dealership Strategy #1 – The content

Your advertisement must contain messages that are different from those of your competitors. The more unique your message is, the more attractive it will be to the public. But take note that it should also be relevant to what you are offering. Aside from that, make sure that what you are offering should be as good as it appears to be. Studies have shown that customers are more likely to take your offer if they find it genuine. Some dealerships have tried this idea and it turned out to be effective, increasing their sales by as much as 5%.

Car Dealership Strategy #2 – Text Messaging

Advertisements need not only be in the form of tarpaulins or billboards; you can also make use of mobile phones. Advertisements through text messaging may be in the form of an electronic coupon, announcement of promos such as free oil change, and other items that will make the public interested. You can also send service maintenance reminders so the customers will feel that you care for them and their safety.

Car Dealership Strategy #3 – Blogging

Almost all of the world’s population will not let a day go by without surfing the internet. Make use of the social networking sites or make a blog about your business to increase exposure. You can even try setting up an online reservation system or creating printable coupons that offer discounts, goodies, and freebies to customers.

Car Dealership Strategy #4 – Pair up with local or national events

This is a big move that will definitely promote and increase your exposure on a national scale. This is particularly helpful for dealers that have several branches in various states. This is also a good chance to showcase your competitive advantages over the other dealers and a perfect way to meet people of influence that can propel your business towards expansion.

Take care of employees

Good employee relationship is one crucial aspect which ensures that the shop provides superb customer service. If you can build trust and camaraderie with your employees, they in return will be inspired to provide excellent service and will do their best to improve the shop’s operations. This will eventually be reflected in how they deal with your customers. On top of this, good employee relations can help build a respectable reputation. Ultimately, this can lead to much better sales performance.

Car Dealership Strategy #5 – Night out with employees and their families and friends

Host a night party inviting your employees and some of their family members and friends. Through this, the people surrounding your staff will be aware of what you have been doing in the business and might even promote it to their other friends. This word-of-mouth approach is a subtle form of networking.

These are just a few of the many marketing tips and ideas that can be adapted to improve a car dealership’s performance. The important thing here is to be sincere in what you advertise. Eventually, people will notice and see value in the services you provide.

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