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Adjusting to Culture Shock

Working abroad comes with a lot of benefits in addition to good pay. But there are also a number of adjustments you have to make to have a comfortable stay in a foreign land. We have instances of people living abroad due to chance as well as by choice. Some choose to spend a good deal of their lives in a foreign country to immerse themselves in the country’s culture whereas there are those who go overseas due to an obligation. Be it either studies, work assignments, training, etc., working in a new city, new environment, and with new people can be a very nice experience, but there is also the possibility of feeling some culture shock when you are out of your local cultural norms.
Adjusting to Culture Shock
It is not uncommon for someone to experience some stress when adapting to a new set of culture. Cultural shocks have been there for as long as travel has existed. Getting used to new routines, rules, and even manners can be too exhausting and overwhelming for some people. On top of it all is the added stress of being homesick.

There are a number of instances that contribute to culture shock, the common ones being certain environmental factors such as a new place, new views, climate, food and even unfamiliar dressing styles. The anxiety of having good neighbors, the safety within your surroundings and the availability of household needs can trigger a considerable amount of pressure on an individual, especially if you are living on your own.

Another important stressor is the culture of the new locality. Factors such as new language, greeting styles, behavioral traits can be too much to cope with. Also, it is not easy to understand and accept certain radical cultural practices that are at a considerable contrast from your own culture. It is tough, but not impossible to deal with. With proper guidance and mindset, you can easily surpass all kinds of culture shock.

There are a number of methods to deal with this dilemma; some are capable of being easily accustomed to changes whereas others take time. An essential need to cope with cultural stress is attitude. As an individual, you need to develop a positive attitude towards your host country and humbly accept the changes without further judgment. Maintaining an optimistic character in times of unease can greatly help you overcome overwhelming issues.

Always remember that whatever’s happening is not personal and that in time, all will seem normal. This is not an omnipresent issue; it is only a reaction to sudden change that can be easily dealt with. You must keep reassuring yourself that the current situation is only temporary, the problems of this particular moment is soon going to disappear without a trace.

As an additional reinforcing mechanism, you will have to believe that there is a way out of every situation. And in actuality, there is always a way out of culture shocks. Contrary to the popular belief, these tensed moments are short lived and passive. When you affirm such techniques of optimism, you are bound to graciously walk past this phenomenon called culture shock.

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