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A Tea Party Baby Shower

Tea parties with friends and relatives is also a great time for a baby shower.

a tea party baby shower

With the ever changing lifestyle and fashion, young moms would always look for different ways to relax and enjoy. Every English country follows the tradition and style of ‘High Tea’ during baby shower between 2 to 4 in the afternoon, and this is mostly held outdoors under the shade of pleasant trees. This gives a perfect experience especially when there are plenty of other guests to have good conversations with. A good round of tea also often leads to spending dinner time together.

Tea party baby shower in the afternoon is definitely a good opportunity to have a nice chat with friends and family. Baby being the main attraction of the occasion, the excitement is also brought about by receiving some of the best gifts and novelty items for the baby.

To be able to enjoy a good afternoon of baby shower tea party, the following items must be present:
· Loose leaf tea
· Cream & jam
· Fresh sandwiches dressed with cucumber, egg, salmon or anything light
· Beautifully decorated cupcakes in various flavors such as strawberry, vanilla, chocolate or any other flavor.

Traditionally, tea is always served in teapots where cups & cutlery are neatly arranged on the best tablecloths. Although the food is not arranged in a buffet style, they must be positioned in a way that is convenient for all the guests to consider self-serve. Additionally, decoration such as flowers and confetti will make the atmosphere even more vibrant. Of course, a party will never be complete without playing any games. Be it indoor or outdoor games, the important thing is for everyone to have fun!

On a different note, which one is better – high tea or afternoon tea? The concepts of High Tea and Afternoon Tea are always used interchangeably. But in English history, ‘Afternoon Tea’ means that it was initiated by one of Queen Victoria’s bachelorette, Anna Maria Stanhope, known as Bedford’s duchess.

High Tea on the other hand pertains to tea that is taken after having worked a long day. This is usually between 5 to 6PM. Along with the tea, varieties of meat, bread and cheese are often served. Therefore, planning for a high tea baby shower is preferable as it creates a luxury environment where all guests can have a good meal and more time to enjoy the tea party baby shower.

Although a tea party baby shower is a small occasion, there is more opportunity for every family member, relatives, friends and guests to participate and draw more entertainment. This is a good, if not the best time to exchange meaningful conversations. A tea party baby shower is a perfect time to relax and get to meet new friends as well.

Lastly, sending invitations in advance will also add a lot of convenience as you’ll be able to estimate the number of guests who are attending the shower.

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