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A Quick Melbourne Travel Guide

Nestled along the south-eastern coast of Victoria state in Australia is the dynamic and vibrant city of Melbourne. Painted with various cultures on a social canvas, Melbourne city is definitely a must-see during your travel escapade. With opulent Victorian-era aesthetics shrouding the City Center and rich green boulevards lining the suburbs, Melbourne is home to a variety of gourmet cuisines from various parts of the world.
A Quick Melbourne Travel Guide
Getting around is quite easy – all you have to do is take a flight and land at the Melbourne Airport, grab a taxi or shuttle bus towards the nearest budget hotel and take one of the many choices of public transport available to jump-start your travels. Trams, trains and buses in Melbourne operate on a shared ticket called the Metcard, which can be divided into Zone 1 and 2. If public transport isn’t how you swing, then you can easily rent a car or bike or even travel on foot.

Be sure to come well-prepared in terms of clothing – Melbourne has been dubbed as having ‘four seasons in one day” and the weather is generally unpredictable. Winters are usually mild but summers can be blazing hot. Melbournians generally pride themselves on their sports culture, and simply love the Australian Rules football. Make sure you drop by the National Sports Museum to visit the home of Melbourne’s multi-sports events firsthand.

A definite must-see is the Melbourne City Center. Home to a gala of galleries, bevies of restaurants and cafes, myriads of boutiques and retail outlets as well as elaborate sculptures, the Melbourne City Center clinches top priority during your travels. Don’t forget to take a train from the Flinders Streets Railway station to get around different parts of the bustling city, and make sure you visit the contemporary Federation Square and Crowns plaza along the way. Be sure to hit the relatively amicable waterside precinct of Docklands to grab a delicious cup of homemade Melbournian coffee, and swing by the vivacious bazaar called Queen Victoria’s Market to purchase some souvenirs or even a kangaroo pelt. The Eureka Tower is also another hotspot on our travels recommendation – be sure to catch a firsthand panoramic glimpse of Melbourne city during nighttime.

If you’re a fan of nature and beasties, travel down to the Royal Botanic Gardens in South Yarra, Woodlands History Park in Tullamarine and the Melbourne Zoo in Parkville to explore Australia’s unique flora and fauna. Be sure to catch Fairy penguins trundling ashore in Phillip Island as well. If beaches are your thing, then visit St. Kilda’s piers for a nice moonlight stroll or Brighton Beach to get a fantastic tan, or even travel along Great Ocean Road for a preview of the the Twelve Apostles. If you’re a shopaholic though, you can visit eclectic suburbs of Fitzroy or Chapel Street in Prahran to appease your clothes-fetish.

With a variety of attractions and interesting venues that is guaranteed to placate your inner-explorer, we sincerely hope you pay all these beautiful spots a visit during your travels in Melbourne.

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