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A Quick Guide to Repairing Your Air Conditioner

It takes some skills to fix any appliance around the house, especially if that central air conditioner needs some repairing. You certainly do not want to make anything worse because of your ignorance. This can include getting yourself hurt while fixing the unit. If there is a major problem with your system, you better get help from an expert. Do not go guess what needs to be done. This is not some kind of easy project that you usually do around the house. Of course, if your air conditioner only needs simple repairing, then that shouldn’t be a problem.
A Quick Guide to Repairing Your Air Conditioner
What you need to do first is to switch off the power of the air conditioner and make sure that you unplug it from its source. Keep yourself guided with these questions and instructions for a smooth air conditioner repair:

1. Is the compressor on?
If it does not turn on, you need to inspect if the fuse in the breaker box is blown. Call an expert when after checking the breaker box, you find that there is no blown fuse since the problem may require professional help.

2. Is there cold air coming out of the unit?
If it doesn’t give off cold air even after some time, this is commonly due to the lack of enough refrigerant running in the system. You can easily find out if the refrigerant is low. Get expert help when you have doubts if you can fix the problem. You do not have to worry going overboard with the bill because the repairs are not expensive.

3. Is it operating efficiently in its optimum level?
If your air conditioner is relatively new, this can be fixed without much hassle. All you have to do is check the filter and condenser. Dirt and dust are collected in these parts of the unit, thus hindering cold air from coming out efficiently from the system. You should be changing your filter regularly depending on the required replacement of your air conditioner unit. You would need to call an expert for thorough cleaning if the filter has just been changed but gets dirty easily.

4. Does the condenser repeatedly turn on and off?
If this is the case, chances are the condenser is dirty or blocked. You would have to go outside to where the air conditioner is placed. Next, inspect if there is anything that is blocking the condenser, like grass for instance. Once you have found that there is no blockage and if the coil and fins are dirty, then you only have to clean them carefully. Also, check the evaporator if it needs cleaning. Sometimes, the coil and fins are not dirty but the evaporator is.

The best thing is to always have your air conditioning unit maintained and checked by a professional regularly.

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