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A Moderate Alcohol Diet is Beneficial to Health

Americans consume about 450 glasses of wine per person every year. That is, each American drinks 1.5 glasses of wine every day. This shows that the American people are highly addicted to alcohol. However studies have shown that including a moderate alcohol diet in your lifestyle may give you significant health benefits.

The production and consumption of alcohol by humans started way back in the history. Archaeologists and historians have found evidences which have helped them to estimate the date when it began. Human beings have been consuming fermented fruits for millenniums. The purposeful production of alcohol began in the Stone Age. The stone jugs discovered during archaeological expeditions prove that man has been producing fermented beverages for at least 12,000 years. Alcohol was an important source of calorie for its early producers. It was considered as a safe alternative to water. Water was often contaminated with microorganisms that lead to diseases like cholera, typhoid and dysentery.

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The alcohol consumption in America surprisingly decreased by 21% in 2000 compared to 1980. A study has shown that college graduates and school drop outs are the ones more likely to consume alcohol. People of higher social class also consume some amount of alcohol. A little more than 30 percent of Americans completely stay away from alcohol. But a small alcohol diet has various health benefits.

There are mainly three types of consumable alcohol. They are wine, beer and distilled spirits. The ingredients of beer can vary. Traditionally it includes water, yeast, malt, hops and grain. American beer generally contains 3 to 7 percent of alcohol while some special varieties may contain about 44 percent alcohol. Wine is generally made from grapes. Other fruits like peaches and berries are also used to produce beer. American wines contain about 9 to 14 percent alcohol. Distilled spirits can be made from grain, rice, sugarcane and potato. The natural fermentation process limits the alcohol content to just 14 percent.

While the media professes alcohol to be harmful, if taken in moderate amount, an alcohol diet has numerous health benefits. Studies have shown that moderate alcohol consumption reduces the chances of heart attacks, peripheral cardiovascular diseases and ischemic strokes. It also increases insulin sensitivity which protects drinkers against type 2 diabetes. Moderate consumption of alcohol may have health benefits and physicians may sometimes recommend a moderate alcohol diet for health benefits.

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