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A Marketing Degree – The Key to Success

A marketing degree is one of the most valuable assets that a job seeker can possess. No business can possibly survive without customers and people involved with marketing understand this better than anyone else. Marketing offers a wide variety of career choices in many different fields including communications, advertising, public relations and more. Different employment paths may involve logo design, flyer creation, writing commercial jingles, designing logos or even the proper placement of products in a retail environment. Businesses depend on highly qualified people to attract new customers and clients, the very heart of any successful enterprise.

Although advertising is where many graduates find employment, another major sector in need of qualified marketers is public relations. Advertising and public relations are very closely related fields and both require a person with excellent communication skills and the ability to talk to people and get their point across. Many marketing degree holders find jumpstart their career as media planners, promotions directors, sales representatives, public relations directors and other closely related occupations.

It is advisable that marketing majors also possess a solid understanding of business basics. Marketers are highly sought after by labor unions, banks and financial institutions and a solid grasp of how business works is an absolute necessity to become successful in this career field. Employers depend not only on a persons’ ability to operate in this environment but also on their capability to fully understand the needs of customers and to respond accordingly. A person with a dynamic personality and successful people skills is the perfect candidate for this type of position.

A marketing degree provides the graduate with an almost endless list of possibilities in the working world. Government agencies, small businesses, government contractors, and Fortune 500 companies alike are always in demand of talented and ambitious people with the proper education and training. Due to the overwhelming demand for qualified persons that possess a marketing degree most universities today offer both an associates and a bachelor’s degree in this field, which both provide ample training and equip students with the necessary skillset to get the job done.

Many companies offer an unpaid internship for students that can provide valuable experience and often leads to immediate employment upon obtaining their marketing degree. Having a good track record of your accomplishments during your internship is extremely helpful when searching for employment and a good portfolio is one way to show prospective employers your true worth. Include specifics in your portfolio such as jingles that you’ve written or past projects that you worked on to demonstrate that you are serious about this field and are fully capable in providing this valuable service. The business world of today is dynamic and highly competitive, what better place to put that well deserved marketing degree to good use?

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