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A Healthy Heart is a Good Start

Vascular diseases are among the leading medical conditions nowadays. Related to cardiovascular health, these diseases are mainly caused by cholesterol and high blood pressure and the people who have these types of diseases may not even know it yet, which is why it is necessary to take certain precautions the moment a vascular disease is discovered.

A Healthy Heart is a Good Start

Perhaps one of the reasons why vascular diseases are so prevalent is because people do not closely monitor their cholesterol levels. Those who keep their cholesterol levels in check are usually those who have already suffered from heart conditions or have genetic predispositions to heart ailments.

The dangers of not monitoring cholesterol levels increase the risk of allowing cholesterol and fat deposits to enter the bloodstream. As these deposits build up over time and adhere to the walls of the arteries and veins, their diameters may decrease. This restricts blood from flowing through them, thus affecting blood distribution to the different areas of the body.

The heart is the first one to suffer when the blood cannot flow easily because it will have to pump more blood in order to get enough to the different parts of the body. Not only will this weaken the arteries and cause serious damage to the heart, high blood pressure may also result.

But one of the most serious and dangerous forms of vascular diseases is the Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). From the word peripheral, this means that the limbs will be affected and more often than not, the legs are the ones that suffer – not the arms. The symptoms of PAD begin usually with the feeling of fatigue in the legs whenever they are moving about. The legs feel like they are being weighed down and are a little sluggish. The patient may also notice that the legs often feel numb. These are the first few signs that indicate that blood is not flowing properly to the limbs and should be a cause for concern before it is too late.

Pulmonary vascular disease involves the heart getting damaged. Since blood flows from the heart to the lungs and the arteries are not able to allow the blood to flow freely, there will be a lack of oxygen in the blood causing damage to the heart. Also, when the plaque builds up in the arteries and become constricted, there is less oxygen in the blood.

A vascular surgeon usually treats patients with medication that causes the blood to become thinner. This makes it easier for the blood to flow through the arteries and vessels and alleviates the pressure, which allows the blood to circulate properly. There are also medications for controlling cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

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