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7 Ways to Improve Your Marriage Through the Power of Perception

Marriages were never meant to be a jaunt in the park. Although there are many common and misleading myths shrouding the topic of marriage, the most instrumental aspect that makes or breaks a union between husband and wife is their perception itself. You can alter your perception to live a more comfortable and satisfying marriage, only if you are willing to change yourself.

7 ways to improve your marriage through the power of perception
Therefore, here are seven quick ways to improve your marriage by changing your outlook:
1. Being and Keeping Positive

Marriage can fling fast and hard curveballs that can’t always be dodged. The important thing to realize is that life isn’t a picnic. Marriage is bound to have ups and downs, and the essential thing is to have your partner’s back when the muck hits the fan. Stay positive and united in the face of pressurizing circumstances, and work through problems together to resolve them.

2. Understanding that Your Spouse isn’t Going to Change

A lot of marriages crumble into shambles because one spouse attempts to change the other’s behavior. The most important thing is to realize that your spouse can’t be changed – so what if he leaves the toilet seat up every morning? Just remember to be more accepting and tolerant of his idiosyncrasies.

3. Accepting all Aspects of Your Spouse

It’s difficult to live with someone else for the rest of your life, and even in the best of times, it can get wearisome. You have to accept all the quirks and flaws of your partner – his morning breath, his tendency to finish all your peanut butter, his habit of picking his nose – and understand each aspect of his personality. There’s no such thing as a compatibility chart in marriage. Marriage by itself is a give-or-take situation, and you need to accept your spouse’s behavior.

4. Focusing on the Positive Elements of Your Spouse

Don’t zero in on all the negative aspects shrouding your spouse. Choose instead to focus on the positive aspects of his behavior, and learn to appreciate and be content of the relationship you currently have.

5. Don’t Nag

Instead of dissecting and harping on all the nitty gritty details regarding your spouse’s actions or words, learn to reason things out after you’ve both had some time away from each other to cool down. Don’t constantly harangue your spouse or turn passive-aggressive.

6. Remember the First Day You Fell in Love

Anchor yourself in the past and recall the very first day you fell in love with your spouse. Surround yourself with happy memories of your wedding day, and remind yourself why you made the commitment to stick with each other through the darkest of days.

7. Reminiscence about the Good Old Days

Take a trip down memory lane and ravel in all the good old days you’ve had together as a young couple. Remember what drew you to your spouse in the first place, and how you overcame all the previous hardships together. Remind yourself why you had a strong sexual and emotional connection, and make subtle innuendos to get yourselves talking and thinking about getting sexually connected again.

Thus, your marriage can be improved if you alter your perception. If you’re willing to accept everything about your spouse, listen and understand each other, and even support each other through the worst of days, you’re bound to keep your marriage intact in the long run.

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