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5 Ways to Meet New People (and What to Say for the First Time)

Meeting new people is something that a lot of people are not good at, especially if they do not have the skills to start a conversation and keep it going. Yes, small talks can work, but only temporarily. So if you are one of these individuals who always have a hard time striking up a conversation, here are 5 ways to meet new people and sustain a good conversation with them.
5 ways to meet new people
1. Start by Using Open-Ended Questions

One of the most common mistakes that a lot of people make when it comes to striking a conversation with people they just met is asking close-ended questions. Close-ended questions are generally those that you can answer by a simple yes, no, or maybe. If you do not ask a follow-up question, then things are definitely going to end there. So rather than asking ‘are you having fun’ or things like that, start the conversation with ‘what do you do’ or ‘how do you know the host’.

2. Comment on a General Topic of Interest

One way to strike up a conversation is to comment on a general topic of interest. Before you go to the event or the party, you may want to stock up on news that is also of importance to other people. This way, you will have something to start your small talks with. You can search Google or Yahoo for the latest news and the most current events. You do want to make sure though that the topic is something fun and not about things that may just creep out the person that you will talk to.

3. Share an Interesting Fact

A great way to break the ice and meet new people when you are at business or social events is to share interesting facts. Aside from being interesting, these are also entertaining and something that other people may not be aware of. You can use just about anything such as facts about your city, the weather, the company holding the event, sports, food, and current events. Small tidbits can be a way for you to intrigue the person you are talking to and keep the conversation running. Just make sure that what you are telling is indeed factual.

4. Don’t Worry about Using a Cliché

Clichés are actually very effective, as long as you know how to deliver one. Delivery is always important in many aspects, especially when it comes to using a cliché. You can use these phrases just about almost anywhere and anytime, from parties to business events, to nightclubs and to bars. It may also work even better if you make a joke out of the cliché, like starting with ‘I can’t believe that I’m actually about to say this, but I think I have met you somewhere else before this’.

5. Use your Wittiness

If you take your pride in yourself as being someone full of wit, then by all means, make the most out of it. The best situation wherein you can employ your wit is when you are in the presence of contemporaries in a more social setting, such as in a casual party or a barbecue. Just always remember that your method of delivery is extremely critical, and so will be the people who will hear your comment. If you have a feeling that the other person will reciprocate and be receptive of your humor, go for it.

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