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5 Ways to Get Back to Weight Loss after a Hiatus

Have you ever had a long break from your weight loss regimen that made you lose motivation? If this is the case, then you may not be that driven to start all over again. Fortunately, there are several techniques that you can follow to get back on the right track and achieve weight loss again. To help you move beyond the rut, keep in mind the following tips:

1. Imagine yourself as someone who is healthy and vibrant.

You may be skeptical to get back to your weight loss goals after the hiatus from your previous regimen. A good way to overcome this is to picture yourself as someone wearing a fabulous and fashionable piece of clothing. Visualizing yourself in clothes that do not fit you right now will help you become more motivated and inclined to continue your fitness goals. You should also keep in mind that carrying around excess weight can lead to health problems. These should help you stick to your new plans.

2. Get to know your personality when it comes to weight loss.

Your personality when it comes to losing weight plays a major role in your future success. You have to get to know this so that you can tailor your strategy to overcome the challenges you will face. Some of the traits that you have to understand include being impulsive, uptight, sociable, tenacious, and oblivious. By fully understanding these qualities, you will know which negative aspects you have to eliminate and strengthen those that positively affect your weight loss goals.

3. Consider making a food diary.

Recording what you have eaten is a great way to keep the rest of what you will consume for the day in check. Your weight loss hiatus may actually be a result of underestimating what you ate. By making a food diary, wherein you will write down every food that you have had, you can have a better picture of what went wrong and see the potential triggers that caused you to eat excessively. Your diary can serve as a tracker of the times wherein you feel the most pangs. It can also help you recognize the things that provoked your cravings.

4. Manage your cravings by eating foods with low-fat protein.

Are you aware of the fact that high-protein foods can help squelch your hunger? That’s right. These foods suppress ghrelin, a type of hormone that stimulates and triggers appetite. Low-fat protein foods can actually help you manage your cravings and hunger pangs. Foods that have high carbohydrate content, on the other hand, raises the body’s production of the same hormone, which results in an increase in hunger levels. Eating too much of these will actually make you hungrier than you were before you ate them.

5. Build most of your diet from vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables and fruits are not only healthy and nutritious; they are also filling. When you build most of your diet from these types of produce, you can crowd out the other foods high in calories and fat. You may want to set aside the meat from your plate, and instead, pile on your fruits and veggies. You can also try starting your meals with a broth-based soup or vegetable salad that is light on the dressing. Stocking up on these will also help you avoid binging on junk foods and other processed snacks.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll surely be back on track once again!

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