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5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Batmobile Revealed!

On this list, we reveal 5 things you didn’t know about the batmobile. With this famous Batman powercar, the world is saved a million times in a faster, fashionable way possible.

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Fact #5: A Lincoln Futura-based Model

George Barris based the very first batmobile model on Lincoln Futura, which is a concept car back in the 1950s. The model fitted the speed they wanted for the batmobile making it a successful project in the 1960s.

Fact #4: 1960s Batman Show used Six Batmobiles

With countless car crashes and other action stunts like jumping sequences, it is not surprising that six batmobiles had to be used. From tour cars to closeup shots, the batmobiles indeed had so much role to play.

Fact #3: Fast and Strong Tumbler

One batmobile version is the Tumbler which is designed by Wayne Enterprises’ Applied Sciences Division. With over 100mph speed, it was fast enough for the cameras not to keep up with it and its engine even made a very loud sound. Aside from being fast, the Tumbler is also strong enough to actually withstand great impacts even from concrete barriers.

Fact #2: Real Parachutes

Because of the batmobiles’ fast speed, they had to use real drag racing parachutes just to slow it down. How realistic, isn’t it?

Fact #1: With or Without a Ticket?

Batmobile creator, George Barris, told two versions of the ticket controversy for popping the mobile’s parachutes on the highway. One version says the cops didn’t give Barris a ticket, while the other version says they did.

Batmobiles have been a great aid to our superhero. Without it, Batman may have had a harder time dealing with criminals. As this 5 things you didn’t know about the batmobile list suggests, batmobiles indeed never fail to amaze us as Batman goes out to save the world with style.

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